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Prophetic Word to Greg Lancaster, Next Level, Tear Down, Build Up, True Unity and Awesome Plan God has in store, by Russ Moyer



To Greg Lancaster,   

I see a tree that almost looked like a pillar 


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and the Lord said to me that you are going to take an ax to the root of some things that have caused disunity in the house and some spirits that have raised their head up in the region. 



The Lord says that some people weren’t sure about your motives or ideas direction/vision. Typically, they were not able to hear what it was that you were hearing. But the Lord says that you took some bold steps at the right time and you made some difficult decisions.  




The Lord says know because of that you have been able to take the ax to the root of some things that brought disunity in the midst of the region. And the Lord says that you are going to be a pillar as He begins to build in a new way in a new season. You are going to be one of the pillars that He set.  



You are actually going to bring together real unity and true unity that breaks down the barriers that have separated His people.  


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I see you reaching out with a big net and I thought at first that you were fishing but you were actually catching these spirits and words that had been released into the air.  


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And the Lord says now I am going to give you a strong anointing to recapture wrong words that were spoken, and you are going to be able to turn them around and use them for God’s glory and for your good 

The Lord says He is going to adopt the right relationships in the right timing so that you are going to be on the forefront of what He is about to do next 


He says He is going to peel away some old things. It is going to be a season of even shedding some old relationships. That at first is going to feel like wow can I really do that, because people mean so much to me relationally. But the Lord says that I am going to take you somewhere that not everybody is going to be able to go. You are going to the next level and every time that you go to the next level not everybody can go with you. Of course, they haven’t seen what you have seen nor have they heard what you heard. And they are kind of locked in place. A place of custom and tradition




And the Lord says that I am going to use you to break down some things



and to build up some things. 



The Lord says that I am the One that has established you. I have given you the platform and not man. You can now rejoice in the day and the hour says the Lord that they are putting the pieces of the puzzle together in this hour and season says God.  

Father I thank You for my brother and I thank You for the apostolic and prophetic call that is on his life. I bless the gift of God and the call of God that is on him. Father I thank You for the perfect timing and the perfect solution. Father that everything is going to come into place and that You will perform every word spoken that came from Your heart. In Jesus name Amen.  Russ MoyerEagle Worldwide Ministries and the Dwelling Place 

Thank you, Russ, for your faithfulness to share what the Lord showed you about Greg Lancaster prophetically. See original article HERE. Visit VFNProphecy.com to see more. #VFNProphecy



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