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Sep 24, 2023


Discover what god can do through your generosity

The A.I. Dilemma & The Church - Civil War?
Part 15

By Greg Lancaster

Summary:  There are times for war. The adversary’s choice of power is AI. This message reveals the enemy’s motive, method, and power. It looks back in history to illustrate how similar situations have transpired before. God proclaims that war is inevitable, right and will be success. Prophetic dreams confirm prophetic visions and messages, adhering to the principle that God doesn’t act unless there is confirmation from two or more witnesses. Finally, this message also provides guidance on preparation, understanding God’s intent, and maintaining joy throughout. This enduring joy will influence your capacity for eternal happiness.


In a series of profound prophetic dreams, and biblical understanding, a panorama of events unfolds that paints a vivid tapestry of what might lie ahead. These visions suggest that every epoch has its destined moments, including the conceivable emergence of a Second American Civil War. In these dreams, this war appears inevitable and justified, with a triumphant outcome foreseen. However, powerful adversaries emerge, notably AI, symbolizing potential threats of the modern era. The Dollar’s value wanes, hearkening back to historical sequences where nations, in their pursuit of resources, transitioned from raiding each other to trading, encapsulated in the phrase “Trade, not raid.” The visions portray modern enemies with avaricious eyes on American wealth, from tangible assets like homes and cars to intangible rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution. The dreams warn of potential conflicts without actual battlefields, suggesting that global confrontations might lead to monumental shifts in world economies. The American tapestry in these visions isn’t free from strife. Threats to naval capacity imply disruptions in trade, power, and even the digital realm. A palpable civil and revolutionary war emerges, a reimagining of past conflicts. Yet, amidst threats from all horizons, the spirit of resilience shines bright, with a flourishing church standing as a beacon. These visions also evoke a divine narrative, suggesting that such trials might be part of a grander design, allowing for spiritual growth and harvest. As the dreams unfold, there’s a sense of urgency—a 90-day preparation period—possibly symbolizing the need for spiritual readiness in face of impending change. Amidst these tumultuous visions, rays of hope shine through in the form of eternal joy, a reminder that our present emotions might shape our eternal journey. The recurring theme is a call to seek the Kingdom of God daily, a sanctuary of peace and joy amidst worldly chaos. The dreams also carry a warning: those who neglect this pursuit might find themselves adrift in the tempests of life.