Alone with God…

In His solitary place, Jesus finds the courage to follow God’s will and not His own; to speak God’s words and not His own; to do God’s work and not His own. He reminds us constantly: “By Myself, I can do nothing…for I seek not to please Myself but Him who sent Me. John 5:30. And again “The words I say to you are not just My own. Rather, it is the Father, living in Me, who is doing His work.” John 14:10. It is in this solitary place where Jesus enters into intimacy with the Father, thus His ministry is born.

Somewhere we know that without a solitary place, our lives are in danger. Somewhere we know that without silence, words lose their meaning, that without listening, speaking no longer heals, that without distance,

closeness cannot cure, somewhere we know that without a solitary place, our actions quickly become empty gestures. The careful balance between silence and words, withdrawal, and involvement, distance and closeness, solitude and community forms the basis of the Christian life and should, therefore, be the subject of our most personal attention.

One of the most important things we have been created and called to do is abide with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and a result of that abiding relationship empowers us to bear fruit.

Most believers want to abide, but they just need a plan.

We would love to send you for free a simple abiding plan if you are interested. It contains a step by step simple method of abiding with the Lord along with a few videos to encourage you. It will show you exactly how powerful, yet how simple it is. With these simple steps even children are abiding with the Lord and sharing with others about their encounters with Him. When these children speak about their encounters with the Lord adults lean forward and take notes. People of all ages and from around the world have signed up for their abiding plan and are now walking in this simple plan and living fruitful lives in the Lord.

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