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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Two Secrets to being Established & Successful Part 1

Many people proclaim to have the secret to being established and successful, but seldom do you hear that God Himself has good plans for those who are His; plans for your success. This important message deals with a very current reality of how God assures our success and how our adversary, satan, tries everything he can to stop this very key component to us from succeeding. If you struggle with trying to understand prophesy, it’s role in your life, how the Lord speaks and leads His people by His voice then this message is for you. If you know that you believed God and He established your marriage, family, business, ministry, church, but find yourself struggling for success this message can be a key to help you understand and to bring light into what has been darks times of confusion so that you can see the success God intends for you to have.

Two Secrets to being Established & Successful Part 2

The prophetic: true and false and how to discern between the two. The secrets to being established and successful which were shared in part one doesn’t come without opposition. This message will prepare you for what comes right after you get a true prophetic word, helping you discern between which is the true secret, a counterfeit word that has to do with your success. The Lord has good plans for you, plans to bless you and give you hope and a future, but there are others who do not have good plans for you, those who are being used to constantly trying to prevent God’s success in your life. You are going to discover the importance of discerning, which is correct, and how to be prepared for what comes in right after you are given prophetic words which are your strategy for being established and successful. There is a way you can be assured to continually hear the word of the Lord over your life that is shared in this message.

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