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WATCH! Pastor Kilpatrick declares Prophetic Word from Yonggi Cho that America will be ablaze with God’s Glory



Prophetic Word:  Before My Coming All of America Will Be Ablaze with the Glory of God


 No matter what we see the adversary do or what his plans may be, be encouraged to know that God has plans too and it is HIS plans that will prevail. As one who has continuously declared the wonderful works of the Lord, Pastor John Kilpatrick shared some exciting news about what God is about to do as was recently released by Dr.Yonggi Cho.


When Dr. Cho asked the Lord if He was done with America, He said, “I’m about to pour out My Spirit there.”  He then showed specifically where it would happen. After directing him to get his atlas, he pointed directly to Pensacola. “It will burn like a matchhead, bright, and it will be powerful…then it will go over to the Mississippi River and it’ll back up across Florida again; come down into the Peninsula Florida, go up the East Coast, down to the West and Southwest, shoot out the Northwest; and before My coming all of America will be ablaze with the Glory of God.”


This is so exciting and powerful. Be encouraged as you are reminded that the plans of the enemy do not trump God’s plans and that God’s plans are good, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: revival, Dr. Yonggi Cho, Great Awakening, and Church of His Presence. Greg and John shared in this segment.



Speaking God’s Word in the Atmosphere Breaks Brass Heavens


  It was a powerful time when the Lord poured out His Spirit on Father’s Day of 1995 at 3100 West Desoto Street in Pensacola, Florida, in what is now known as The Brownsville Revival. Derrick Prince described the days before the revival with these words, “I have been all over the Earth, many times, I’ve never been a place on the Earth that had such an open heaven that Pensacola does.”


But, the days preceding this outpouring were anything but powerful. At the time, Pensacola was known as the abortion capital as abortion doctors were being killed. It was during this season that Pastor Kilpatrick was directed by The Lord, “If you preach what I give you on television, if you preach what I give you at Brownsville, I’ll begin to open the heavens.”  It was the same terminology that Jesus used in John 1:51, “Very truly I tell you, you will see ‘heaven open, and the angels of God ascending and descending on’ the Son of Man.”  It was this revelation that Pastor Kilpatrick wrote his book When the Heavens Are Brass.


The very words of God declaring that He would change the atmosphere were the same words given to Greg Lancaster as he was originally headed to Denton, Texas, for the future developments of what the Lord has called him to do. While in preparation for the transition, the Lord stopped him and directed him to stay in Pensacola because of what the Lord was about to do. God would establish A Glory Zone and He said that the Jezebel Principality would come down.


These are truly exciting days to be a part of what the Lord is doing upon the Gulf Coast, in America, and within our generation. Be encouraged as you are reminded of the many awesome and wonderful works the Lord has done, is continuing to do, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: New Orleans, prayer, Great Awakening, abortion clinics, Jim Bakker, Jimmy Swaggart, angels, Boston Marathon Bombing, and revival. Greg and John shared in this segment.



Prophecy Brother John Kilpatrick: The Year of the Wind


 As we witness the many shakings and occurrences that have happened throughout America and the world, it is an encouraging reminder to remember the prophetic words that were shared and delivered at the beginning of the year. The prophetic word “The Year of the Wind” delivered by PastorJohn Kilpatrick is one of these words and it is greatly encouraging and will stir your faith.


The very opening words set the stage for what God is doing. “This year will be very unusual on many levels. As a matter of fact, a phrase will be repeated over and over on the lips of people of many nations. You will hear it said, “I have never seen anything like this before.” There will be a great stir among the people of the nations. Seemingly, nothing will remain normal any longer. This will not be just an American phenomenon, but it will touch all the continents.”


For those who have experienced continual setbacks and obstacles, there is great encouragementfor you. “You have had such obstacles in your life. It has been as though you have experienced a contrary wind in your face hindering your every move. As a matter of fact, for many years, almost everything you have attempted has experienced setbacks! “In your face” is the phrase that best fits where you have been.” God has been working even when it seemed to be not so. “At times, you have even tried to justify this contrary wind as possibly being sent from God; but you knew in your heart that was not true. Now, things have shifted, and what was once resistance to you has now moved behind you and is working for you, propelling you forward. Things are definitely changing from contrary to favorable.”
Pastor Kilpatrick also shared that a fresh wind is coming from Heaven. “This shift in the wind will cause life-giving air to blow into the nostrils and mouths of your loved ones who have fainted. It will be somewhat like a supernatural oxygen mask. Even the backsliders and the lost, who have been slowly dying and have fallen by the wayside struggling to breathe, shall catch their breath.” Kilpatrick continues to share, “Those who are saturated with the cares of life and those who suffer dark depression, anxiety attacks and disturbed sleep shall finally find rest and relief. The Comforter has come! This wind bloweth where it listeth. As in the Upper Room, the Spirit was so anxious that He rushed. It was a rushing and a mighty wind! It will cover you and your loved ones like a warm comforter blanket.”


It is important to remember that what we wrestle with is not flesh and blood, but spiritual wickedness in the heavenly realm as described in Ephesians 6:10-18. One of these spiritual forces that fights against the Body of Christ is the Jezebel Principality. This is coming down. As Kilpatrick shares, “Jezebel will not leave on her own accord, but I, the Lord, will cause her to fall from her tower of power. Even as of late, you have wondered if anything could unseat her from her evil purposes. Her victims are many. She has come to her final chapter. I, the Lord, will not tolerate her subversive activities any longer! Deliverance has come!”

If these words encourage you and are wind for your sails, you will surely be blessed to hear the full word. Some of the other prophetic words are: “Say Goodbye to the Pigpen”,“From Drought to Drenching Rain”, “Deliverance From Womb Wounds”, “Forgive But Run”, “Laugh at the Locusts”, “Impossible Pregnancy” , “Runaway Bride” , “Nets and Lines”,  “The Downfall of Jezebel” , “Healing Hands” , and “No More Imposters” .

Now is the time to be activated in the things of the Lord and be prepared for the coming outpouring of His Spirit. Hear the full prophetic word and each of the specific words of knowledge that God has revealed for the Body to be greatly heartened, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: backsliders, dry bones, nations, mocking, obstacles, oxygen mask, The Comforter, The Upper Room, hyperventilation, drought, rain, forgiveness, pregnancy, life, locusts, retire, healings, the internet, and online. Greg and John shared in this segment.


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