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Greg Lancaster

Loving God, Loving Others, & Leading Others to do the Same.


Will There be a Physical Battle in America?

By: Greg Lancaster

“Don’t Panic! This is what God has allowed to happen to bring in the harvest, you’ve got your 90 days, right?”  This message is packed with prophetic words, dreams and visions from the Lord about America and how we will be experiencing a physical battle.  Though we all prophesy in part and know in part, this message will draw you a clear picture of what is about to take place [timing can always be off] and how you can be prepared.  From attacks coming over our southern border including from the Gulf of Mexico.  You’ll see how much inner conflict will not only continue but increase to the point that much of America will be distracted when these larger attacks take place.  Most of all, the reason the Lord lets us know is not only so we can prepare, but also to repent and to ask God to prevent it.  You’ll discover that most of America has been taught that all you need is 2-3 days of supplies for a disaster. In this message you’ll hear Ted Kopple, author of “Lights Out,” share that we’ll need to be prepared for months.  God’s word says, “A prudent man sees danger and prepares, but a fool keeps going and suffers for it.”  Most of all, you’ll learn how many months the Lord said you’ll need to be prepared for.  Finally, you learn about the great revival, the great awakening that is going to happen through and after these turbulent times and how it is the turbulence that is breaking up the soil for the great harvest said to be over one billion souls coming into the Kingdom of God.  We’ve also set up a place where you can go to find out more of how you can be prepared at