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The Mystery
Since the beginning of time, when our God created the heavens, earth, and man there has been a mystery. No matter how amazing those in past generations were, and many…
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Hello…?… Hello…?
Have you ever been part of a conversation where you were told about the best business opportunity of a lifetime with a heightened sense of urgency? You may have heard…
05-26-22 Why are there mass shootings copy
Why are there mass shootings?
There are alarming tragic events that are happening increasingly in America. When the dust of one tragic event finally settles, it is as if there is another tragedy happening again…
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HUMOR: Rayna Asking for Sucker
Greg is a wonderfully blessed man and he is tremendously grateful for his children and his grandchildren. In this humor moment, Greg recalls a joyful moment of sitting with his…
02-15-22 Your Cat Ate My Bird
One of the simple beauties in life is being able to experience your day-to-day life with those around you, your neighbors. Some experiences are better than others, and some, not…

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