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Testimony of Forgiven Paid in Full Medical Bill


Divine Assurance Before Surgery
A man stood at the brink of a life-changing ankle reconstruction surgery. He diligently confirmed with his insurance provider that everything was set – the surgery was covered, and his doctor was in-network. It seemed the heavens had aligned to ensure a smooth journey.

A Sudden Twist in the Tale
But, as fate would have it, three days before the surgery, a call from Sandra, a hospital billing representative, threatened to unravel everything. She spoke of a $1,000 deductible and a hefty part of the $13,000 bill falling on his shoulders, a stark contrast to the insurance provider’s assurances. The man, steadfast in his faith, countered with the truth of his insurance’s coverage, but Sandra’s words were like a rock – immovable.

Heavenly Intervention Through the Lord
Refusing to bow to despair, the man reached out to his insurance once more and was greeted by the angelic presence of the Lord. With a voice that carried the weight of divine authority, she declared, “Bottom line, you owe nothing.” It was more than just about the bill; it was a divine affirmation. The man felt a celestial peace wash over him, a spiritual epiphany that mirrored the ultimate sacrifice of Jesus, freeing him from the burden of sin just as the Lord had lifted the financial burden.

A Miraculous Confirmation on D-Day
On the surgery day, amidst the ritual of registration and paperwork, the man shared his celestial encounter with his pastor. Inspired, they called the hospital, armed with the Lord’s divine directive. The confirmation came – all was covered, a testament to the Almighty’s hand at work.

The Final Moment of Triumph
In the hospital’s inner sanctum, as the man calmly faced the staff, a miraculous realization dawned upon them

A Miraculous Turn in Collections
The scene unfolded like a suspenseful drama in a used car sales office. The man found himself in a confined cubicle, facing a collections staff member across a computer. The tension was palpable as she began her spiel, informing him that he was liable for the entire bill, her computer screen seemingly sealing his fate.

But then, in a twist straight out of a divine script, the owed amount on the screen began to mysteriously decrease. It was as if invisible hands were at play, rewriting his destiny. The collections staff, baffled, reached for her earpiece in a frantic attempt to understand the anomaly. “Who’s messing with my computer?” she demanded, seeking answers from her unseen colleagues.

In those moments, the atmosphere was charged with suspense and wonder. Suddenly, the screen displayed a balance of zero. The staff member’s expression shifted from confusion to utter amazement. She looked up at the man, her eyes wide with disbelief, and declared, “You owe nothing.”

As these words echoed through the cubicle, they resonated with a deeper meaning. It was more than just a financial reprieve; it was a testament to faith and the mysterious workings of the divine. The staff’s transformed expression mirrored the man’s own awe, culminating in a Hallelujah moment that celebrated the boundless goodness of the Lord

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