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WATCH! 3rd Annual MADE IN AMERICA Showcase with President Trump at the White House




3rd Annual MADE IN AMERICA Showcase with President Trump at the White House

Great things are happening in the United States of America with the stock market at record highs, record low unemployment, and more! President Donald Trump celebrates the companies that have made America better by making make their products in the U.S.A., and we are making more products in our country than we ever have. We hear from the President at the White House at the 3rd Annual Made in America Product Showcase.

“We’re here today to celebrate and support the most incredible products in the world.  And this is just a very representative sampling because we’re making more product here than we ever have. Joining us today are manufacturers from all 50 states.  And they are terrific talents, terrific craftsmen, terrific business people.”

President Trump thanks the businesses represented at the White House and speaks next on the steel industry and how great it is exceeding expectations. “Our steel industry is doing very well.  We put massive tariffs on dumped steel.  They were dumping steel.  Our steel industry was going out of business.  If I hadn’t been elected, you would have no steel industry right now.  It would be gone.  And we have not only steel, energy, and so many other things.  We have — we’re vibrant.  We have the hottest economy anywhere on Earth right now.”

He continues speaking about how great the U.S. economy is doing. “But while those here today create many different goods, you’re also devoted to one of the greatest missions on Earth: making the best products, from the best materials, with the best workers anywhere in the world, right here in the United States of America.  Right?  Made in America.  Made in the USA.  Call it either way, but that’s what we’re doing. And, you know, when I took office, I was told by the previous administration that manufacturing jobs would be disappearing.  There was no way.  They said you’d need a miracle.  Right?  You’d need a miracle.  Well, we have a miracle because we up — we’re up 600,000 manufacturing jobs since the election. So, it’s been an extraordinary resurgence of American manufacturing.

“We’ve added more than 6 million jobs since I was elected, including over 1 million jobs in manufacturing, engineering, and construction.  As I said, 600,000 jobs in pure manufacturing and that number is going to go substantially higher… Last year, we saw the biggest increase in manufacturing jobs in more than 20 years.  Under my administration, manufacturing’s share of total job gains is the largest it’s been by any President in over one half a century.  And don’t forget, in the old days, they manufactured, so I’m competing against some pretty tough statistics, and yet it’s over 50 years.  Unemployment has also reached the lowest rate in our country in over 51 years. And many groups…if you look at African American, Asian American, Hispanic American unemployment, it’s the lowest it’s ever been in the history of our country.  Women’s unemployment — the lowest it’s ever been in over 70 years.  And soon we’re going to have the all-time record for women’s unemployment.

“And today, American manufacturers are contributing $250 billion — think of that — $250 billion more to our economy than they contributed before this great election that took place in 2016… we’re heeding the wisdom of our Founding Fathers by restoring our economic independence and reawakening our industrial might.  And that’s what’s happened.  Whether it’s jobs or making something, that’s exactly what happened…and we’re standing up for the American worker like our country has never stood up for the worker before — certainly not in the 100-year or 50-year era.  And I think we can probably go back right to the beginning because nobody stood up for the worker like I’m standing up for the worker.”

President Trump continues, “We just approved…the USMCA.  That’s Mexico and Canada.  Great deal for the manufacturers…the USMCA will create up to 600,000 new American jobs, including 75,000 new auto jobs.  And now we need Congress to pass it.  So, call up your friends.  The Republicans are totally onboard.  Call the Democrats; get them to pass it.  It’s — believe it or not, it’s a deal loved by unions, by manufacturers, and maybe, especially, by the farmers.  It’s something that’s very, very popular.  So, call your local Democrat congressmen.  I think the Senate will be, actually, very good. We have a lot of bipartisan support, but they may not be able to show that support because the leaders may not allow that to happen because they think that’s a victory for Trump, and we don’t want to give Trump any victories, even though it would be very bad for our country.  But if it doesn’t happen, I have a better plan…

“We unleashed an American energy revolution.  And it is indeed a revolution.  Nobody thought it would be possible.  We’re now the number-one producer of oil and natural gas on the planet Earth.  Not even close.  And I just had ANWR approved — one of the largest sites anywhere in the world.  They couldn’t do it with Ronald Reagan.  They couldn’t get it done.  They’ve been trying to get it done for many, many years.  Many, many decades they couldn’t get it approved.  I got it approved.  That’s in Alaska.  One of the biggest — maybe the biggest — the biggest site in the world for oil and natural gas.

“We passed massive tax cuts so that American companies can beat their foreign competition.  Now, you have a tremendous advantage now because you had an impossible disadvantage before and now we’ve given you, with what we’ve done, a tremendous advantage.  And we did it to keep jobs where they belong, right here in the United States of America. As a result, almost 1,400 companies have announced that they’re bringing their jobs back to the United States from overseas.   And that’s just last year.  Think of that — 1,400 companies bringing jobs back.  Who would think that’s even possible?  But now it’s the incentive.  They want to be in the United States.” You can listen to the full speech HERE.

There was a day when people cared about America, and that is why we have government officials to represent us and our views, but that doesn’t always happen in our government. President Trump does care for America and is leading our country back into equal trading with other countries and is putting America first! Because he has put America first, our country is doing great, with more jobs than we have people to fill them and so much more as we heard some of that from this speech! America is being blessed, and we are thankful to God for all that He is doing in our country. What do you think about America first? What are your thoughts about products made in America? We want to hear from you! Write to us at Friends@VFNKB.com. Greg shared in this segment.

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