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Hurricane Super Storm Update From JERSEY

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John, Pat, and Chris share updates from the ground about how things are progressing in NJ and NY.   John shares how there are still nearly two million people without power in NJ.  The Jersey shore has been devastated and cities like Hoboken NJ are still under water.   In the aftermath of the storm people are still trying to cope with loss of property, life, electricity and gas shortages.  John interviews a police officer directing traffic as well as NJ resident who spent four hours looking for gas.   John, Pat, and Chris continue to share updates as well as reminding VFNRadio listeners that God has spoken to us and other regarding storms and strange weather patterns that will continue to come, also in messages like Prudent Preparation.  They continue to share how we can learn a great deal by what we are seeing in this super storm, Hurricane Sandy.  Just how it takes much effort, time, and expenses to rebuild physical structures and home, Matthew 7:24-28 shares with us the cost we will have to pay, when we have not built on a solid foundation in our personal lives.  People are facing all kinds of storms in their life, from job loss, failed marriages, economic, loss of loved ones and loss of houses  just to name a few.  God’s word speaks clearly to us on how we can survive the storms of life that threatened to destroy us and break us into pieces.  It all begins with making Jesus the Lord of your life and then it’s not just enough to hear God’s word but to put into practice and do what He tells us to. An abiding relationship is essential to making it through the storms of life.  For a simple plan for storm preparation go to iAbide and request it for free.
Some of the teachings mentioned were Elijah Storm, and Prudent Preparation.

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