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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » Prophetic word of knowledge! It’s a War. Battles are not a War, but a War Consists of Many Battles – Don’t surrender just because a battle didn’t go well.

Prophetic word of knowledge! It’s a War. Battles are not a War, but a War Consists of Many Battles – Don’t surrender just because a battle didn’t go well.

United States Constitution is 236 years old while the average nations constitution lasts 17 years. Why? Because God has Blessed America.


Introduction to Prophetic Words

In our discussion on prophetic preparedness, it is vital to recognize the divine insights that have been shared to prepare us spiritually for the challenges ahead. The essence of these prophetic words is to ensure we are not caught unprepared, as highlighted in Proverbs chapter one, where the refusal to heed wisdom leads to destruction.

Wars vs. Battles: A Paradigm for Life’s Challenges

Life presents both short-term challenges (battles) and long-term struggles (wars), and nations face similar dilemmas. While battles are transient, wars require sustained effort and resilience. The Lord has made it known to us that we are in a war. It is important to understand that war will take a significant amount of time, and we need to prepare ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally for the many battles that occur within the context of a prolonged war.

The Global Perspective: A World in Flux

Globally, we witness a myriad of conflicts that span various domains—technology, information, legal systems, and societal values, including family and religion. This broad view helps us understand that we are part of a larger battle, a war of principles and values that shapes our world.

The Pendulum Theory and Prophetic Timing

Historical patterns, such as the Pendulum Theory discussed on VFNtv, suggest cyclical shifts in leadership and societal norms every 40 years. The upcoming cycle in 2025 prompts us to seek divine guidance for strong, conservative leadership to navigate these changes effectively.  History tells us since the time of King Solomon at the approaching peek of the Pendulum swing in 2025 we’ll either have a Adolf Hitler type leader, “dictator” or we’ll have a Ronald Reagan type leader “freedom.”  It’s important to be prepared as a prudent person sees danger and prepares, but a fool keeps going, doesn’t prepare and suffers for it.

A Profound Realization: The Moment of Recognition

It often takes a long time for people to realize they’re in a war, and sometimes they never do, leaving them shocked by the events that unfold. One particular woman, I believe she was in Sarajevo during the Clinton administration, shared her experience. She said, “I walked my son to school one morning, as I always have. I had to walk up a hill and then back down to take my son to school. When I was coming back, walking up the hill to go home, I saw a war tank coming over the hill.” She added, “That’s when I realized we were at war.” Unfortunately, most people come to this realization in similar ways.

Demonic Spiritual War: The Unseen Battle

Ephesians 6:12 illuminates the spiritual dimension of our struggles—not against flesh and blood but against spiritual forces. This recognition shifts our focus from the physical to the spiritual, urging us to combat spiritual darkness with spiritual light.  Although it’s spiritual, they will manifest themselves through human beings, organizations, groups, factions, and nations.

Prophetic Warnings and Historical Insights

Prophetic insights often go unheeded until their fulfillment becomes evident. Historical examples, including warnings about the degradation of constitutional values, demonstrate the prophetic voice’s role in alerting us to potential futures.

The Durability of the U.S. Constitution: A Testament to Endurance

236 YEARS vs. 17 YEARS

The U.S. Constitution has survived 236 years, far exceeding the global average lifespan of a national constitution, which is 17 years. This longevity is not just a testament to the document’s strength but also to the divine favor believed to be upon the nation.

The Constitution of the United States was signed on September 17, 1787.

As of today’s date, April 16, 2024, the Constitution is 236 YEARS OLD.

Five things that stand out about the United States Constitution:

  • Longevity: The U.S. Constitution has been in effect for 236 years, which is more than 13 times the average lifespan of a national constitution. This longevity indicates a remarkable endurance and stability of the U.S. system of government.
  • Strength: The U.S. Constitution’s endurance highlights its strength and resilience in adapting to changing social, political, and technological environments without necessitating complete overhauls.
  • Adaptability: The U.S. Constitution’s ability to adapt to changing conditions through amendments and judicial interpretation is a testament to its strength and flexibility. This adaptability allows it to remain relevant and effective, contributing to its longevity.
  • Historical Precedent: The U.S. Constitution has served as a model for many other national constitutions. Its influence is evident in the fact that many countries have adopted similar principles and structures of government, further underscoring its significance and strength.
  • Symbol of National Identity: The U.S. Constitution is not only a legal document but also a symbol of national identity and unity. Its endurance and strength have contributed to the sense of continuity and stability in American society and the broader international community.

The Role of Divine Intervention in National Destiny

Scriptures like Jeremiah 18 and 2 Chronicles 7:14 suggest that divine will plays a crucial role in the rise and fall of nations. This perspective encourages a national and personal repentance and a return to divine principles to avert disaster.

Personal and National Repentance: A Call to Action

The prophetic call extends beyond awareness to action—personal and communal repentance. This turning back to divine principles is deemed crucial for healing and protection from national and personal calamities.

Conclusion: The Prophetic Call to Vigilance and Faith

In conclusion, the prophetic insights shared compel us to adopt a posture of preparedness and vigilance, recognizing the spiritual dimensions of our challenges. As we face these tumultuous times, we are reminded to keep our focus on spiritual truths and divine guidance, ensuring that our responses are rooted in faith and foresight. This preparedness is not only about anticipating challenges but also about actively shaping a future aligned with divine will.

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