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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » VISION: “The Road Ahead for America” by Terry Bennett

VISION: “The Road Ahead for America” by Terry Bennett

The New Republic of America


Terry Bennett, of Messengers of Shiloh, had a visionary experience on March 9, 2024, which Chris Reed, of MorningStar Ministries, named Terry’s vision “The Road Ahead for America” rather than just the USA.

Terry Bennett: “On the 9th, I received this beginning visionary experience that has continued as we go down the road. I’m seeing further and further down the road. Then, on the 10th, the same Sunday, Chris Reed shared, ‘A Prophetic Dream Warning – The Rebirth of America.’ I shared publicly here in Vanleer, Tennessee, at our Sunday morning meeting this experience. So, I will read it to you, and I do believe what you saw in the dream and what I saw in the visionary experience in these parts play off of each other beautifully and perfectly.

The vision: “So, my wife, Donna, and I were driving in our SUV eastward on Interstate 40. 40 being significant, as you know, according to Chris Reeds dream, and  Interstate 40 runs through Dixon County where we live. So, we were driving on  Interstate 40 eastward in a time of the day where the sun was setting, which I thought was significant, and it was more dusky dark, not completely dark, but dusky dark. We came quickly to an area of the roadway on  Interstate 40 that was so full of potholes that we had to slow down to almost a complete stop. We began to drive very slowly through the potholes to get past them and go further down the roadway.

I knew that the potholes represented deep issues and problems nationally within our nation in the areas of the economy, also they represented:

  • treachery,
  • governmental agendas,
  • banking controls,
  • [national debt], and
  • malpractice of justice within our nation.

I knew that because the potholes had names down in them of these things; that’s how I knew it. The biggest pothole we saw, we had to veer around it, was called the national debt. So, I knew this as well.

The Lord made it very clear to me that what I was seeing was all governmental issues in our nation; that’s what I was told about it. There are other things, but the primary reason for all of this were governmental issues, and that was the issue we were looking at. I could see that these and many other extremely important issues had not been rightly nor righteously repaired but simply like throwing unpacked asphalt into a few of them and leaving them. The effect was basically not helping but making things worse. Many of the deeper holes, which had not been repaired, were from systematic long-term problems through, I think, several administrations looking to our past. So instead of truly addressing the problems and issues economically, governmentally, spiritually over recent years, we have instead compounded them through mismanagement of resources, personal evil agendas within Federal and some State leadership.

The Lord told me in all of this that he said that it was impossible to give proper oversight to this nation of people if the leaders have no personal oversight, consequences, nor checks of their actions and behavior in their personal lives; that’s what the Lord told me about it. Wow. That would go for the church as well, I do believe.

The potholes had names in the bottoms; national debt was the deepest pothole that I saw. We couldn’t go through it; we had to go around it. But also, there were other potholes:

  • border control,
  • banking systems,
  • overspending,
  • personal agendas,
  • injustice rather than justice,
  • over-taxation,
  • foreign relations,
  • foreign dependence for various supply and demand,
  • breakdown of offshore, breakdown and offshore movement of important American industries, etc…

…were the potholes in the experience. It was about 100 yards long as I was looking at it. I didn’t see that number; I could just look at it. I used to be a surveyor, civil engineer, so I have a pretty good eye for distances. I could tell we’re looking at about 300 or so feet. May relate to days, not positive, but I’m pretty sure the  Interstate 40 relates to weeks like what you saw. Yeah, 40 weeks of pregnancy, right. Exactly right. The things that were unimportant or important, and the most important, there was primary failure in our nation temporarily, this was clear to me from the Lord, it was due to what Psalm 2 says that our nation, its leaders, have taken their stand against the Christ; that was very clear to me, and God’s judgment coming was due to the Psalm 2 dynamic. Instead of kissing the son, we have resisted him.

“Kiss His Son, or He will be angry, and your way will lead to your destruction, for His wrath can flare up in a moment.  Blessed are all who take refuge in Him.”  Psalms 2:12

I knew that this would be a temporary short-term thing but followed by a much longer, more long-term and, if I can say this, much worse time. So, this is not the major thing yet, but it’s a step towards that major thing. Again, this will not be, however, the big and foretold collapse within our nation.

Instead, the Lord said these things right to me: there will be fractured functions, the breaking of certain structures, and the breakdown of some capabilities.

  • First, I saw that like a human body and the breaking of bones in the human body; structurally, there would be structural issues in our nation. I’ve actually thought it was interesting of what just happened to the Francis Scott Key bridge in Baltimore Maryland and its collapse, things like that, you know, in our system.
  • Secondly, functional disabilities. The limited restrictions of movement for a time, safety will be a concern.
  • Thirdly, a disabling of functions; these are progressing unimportant and important functions. Allocations of finances will be temporarily restrained of necessity.
  • Fourthly, disabled functions; supply and demand will be difficult. Businesses, some will close; some governmental entities will be halted briefly, especially in their funding and their releasing of funds. And though short-term, this will be a hard blow. Difficulties in this time will be real; they will be felt and experienced. Still, this would be short in duration compared to the much greater collapse and difficult times.

Time to Abide:  The key will be trusting in our God; that will be critical, along with listening to his voice and his directives. [If you have not yet, began to abide, in accordance with John 15:4, we have a simple abiding plan for you as a gift.  Begin to abide today.  Go to] Perhaps the greatest fear we’ll face is not wanting to believe God’s warnings and what God is actually saying. It’s easier to not believe it, but it won’t stop it. We must heed his spoken word and discern properly his true voice from other voices. The true fear of the Lord must be greater than these natural things which can cause fear. The fear of the Lord must become our wisdom.

The Deluge:  There was another part of this that I did not share on the 10th because it continued to unfold even over the past couple of weeks. On the road ahead, past this short-term thing, there was a stretch of highway that seemed good; we were able to pick up speed again, but then I found myself no longer in my vehicle, standing on the banks of what I’ve come to call a deluge. Interstate 40, and I knew it wasn’t just limited.  Interstate 40 was completely washed out; bridges were gone, and it was a darkness of night, unlike the first experience where it was more like twilight. This was a darkness of night. I could not see across the deluge.

In the deluge, there were things rushing past me in these turbulent waters at night that I could see going past me.

  • One of them was a broken flagpole with the American flag, and I knew that it represented there were no more. There were no longer 50 states. The flag was torn; it was tattered, and there were bullet holes in the flag.
  • I saw also an old wooden dead tree, no foliage, come by me with three branches on it, and written on each of the three branches were executive, legislature, and judicial government. It washed; it was dead, and it washed past me.
  • I saw autos, automobiles, wash past me. I knew that was talking about the automobile industry.
  • I watched as a big sign came by me that said Banks of America. It washed past me.
  • Kroger’s sign washed past me. Insurance signs washed past me. And etc., much debris from this deluge that was in our nation came washing past me.

I wept; that’s how impacting it was, especially when I saw the American flag because I could not help but think of all who have given their lives for this Republic.

So then, the Lord, moving forward, speaks to me to listen to what he wants me to hear, that’s actually going on inside the waters. He said the spiritual dynamic of the waters, this is hard to hear.

Rage & Lawlessness: There were people in such states of rage and lawlessness and anger and bitterness at one another, at our government, just whoever they focused it upon.

Spirit of Murder:  A spirit of murder temporarily gripped our nation, and it was chaos within our nation. People were screaming; I heard women screaming, children screaming, men screaming in utter rage. And as bad as that was, and it was bad, it got to this point so bad that they all realized we’re just going to kill everybody if we don’t stop.

Cries for Mercy:  They began to cry to one another for mercy, “Have mercy upon us,” to one another, but it didn’t stop it. And after a while, they began to cry out, “This is beautiful, have mercy upon us, oh God.” And when that reached a crescendo coming up out of the waters.

Mercy Will Triumph Over Judgement:  I heard the audible voice of God while standing on that bank say, “And mercy will triumph over judgment in your nation.” That’s what he said. And so, daylight began to come up; daylight began, which I knew of the significance of a new day had dawned.

New Republic of America:  I was able to see across the turbulent waters like I couldn’t before, to the other embankment. And there, on the other embankment, was another flagpole with a new flag. In the center of a white background, and on that flag was an evergreen tree, under like the dead tree I saw float by, was an evergreen tree with new life. In the center of that evergreen tree was a white star, written above it in Evergreen language, and below it was the new Republic of America above, New Republic below, of America. And so, I’m looking at the lone, that one star in the center, the white goldish white, by the way, star that represented the new Republic. Around the perimeter of that flag was a 5 inch, representing the grace of God, a five-inch-wide gold strip, and within that gold strip were in Evergreen stars representing the new states of the new Republic. Wow, that was up on the flag, not all the way above that was a Gideon, a small war flag, and in it, it was blue and green, and written again in green was, “We will trust in our God,” and that was the new day.

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