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Home » VFNRadio’s Second Hour April 12,2013

VFNRadio’s Second Hour April 12,2013


LISTEN NOW!  Signs of the Times: N. Korea Missiles have ability to carry Nuclear Weapons: China adopts new exchange rate with Australia NOT the U.S. and DIGITAL money. Beast Economy?

Greg, John, and Pat discuss the signs of the times when they discuss what is happening in North Korea having the ability to carry nuclear weapons, China adopts new exchange rate with Australia and the digital money and the beast economy.  They continue to share how it’s being reported that N. Korea has missiles that have the capability to carry nuclear weapons.   All this is happening while China adopts new exchange rate with Australia not the United States.  The American dollar is losing its value.  They continue to share that the state of Arizona has just passed a law making gold and silver legal tender.  If you don’t know God still speaks and shares with those who are his friends what He is doing and what is happening on the face of the earth.  Prophecy is history in advance.  God desires to have relationship with you.  He wants to know from you what is happening in your marriage, family and life.  God alone has all the answers.  They continue to share how China who owns a large percentage of America’s debt and at any moment can make a decision that would greatly impact the U. S. economy.  Greg shares the prophetic dream God gave him when he saw all the paper money sucked up off the face of the earth and it formed like a pyramid and before you know it, it all burned up in flames.  They continue to discuss a new form of digital money on the rise called the Bit coin.  This digital money is now presently worth 1.3 billion dollars and is being so accepted that candidates from the Libertarian candidates in North Dakota accepted the Bit coin as campaign donations also the Winklvoss twins of Facebook fame have allegedly invested millions of dollars in the Bit coin.  They continue to share that whoever controls the money controls the vision and with a one world economy comes one world government and one world authority.  John shares the prophetic dream that God gave him when he saw breaking news being reported on television being broadcast from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.  The news reported told everyone watching not to panic but the world was going to be over as we know in six minutes.  The economy was crashing and in the dream I did what I am doing now, telling everyone to go to the VFN TORCH and told those gathered that God told us this was going to happen.  They continue to discuss the prophetic word by Johnny Foote that was given about the beast economy.  It was about the shifting that was going to occur to the economy.   Revelation 13:15-18 speaks of the mark of the beast.  Technology is advancing to such a point that drones that look like mosquitoes have been invented.  It is time stop playing around and make Jesus Christ the Lord of your life today.

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