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“Do not Worry”…Jesus


LISTEN NOW! Money has been the focus of many lately.   The economy has been in a slump with twenty three million plus people unemployed, and every day we are getting speedily closer to the fiscal cliff. Matthew 6:24tells us we cannot serve two masters.  People who go after money are turning away from God.    There was a time in our nation’s history when people where not chasing money as many are today. We live like kings in America yet many still want more.    Running after money and stuff is pagan like behavior.  Our focus should not be on the abundance of things and neither should it be on worrying about not having provision.  Jesus clearly tells us not to worry.  Our focus should not be on the blessing but on the blesser.  Neither should our attention be focused on our perceived lack but rather our attention, focus and faith should rest on God alone.   We need to be a God chaser seeking after God and as we do God will take care of the rest because we have God focus and not a “thing” or material wealth focus.




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