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It’s Just Business; Really?


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LISTEN NOW! Greg, John and Pat share how something is happening in America where things have become where everything in terms of the economy are being summed up with a phrase    “it’s just business.”   Many employees are pouring themselves out on behalf of their employers.  They are making sacrifices along with their family for the future success and growth of the company they are working for only to be let go or have their pay reduced with the explanation being,  “it’s just business” .  As a Christian this is not a Biblical response.  We are encouraged to make provision for the poor.  The economy is such in America that the government is just printing money as well as borrowing money from other nations such as China.  The question they continue to discuss is what is going to happen when this prompt up economy just stops.  What will happen when they are no longer feeding it?  Why not turn to God now?  Why not just apply 2 Chronicles 7:14 to our lives; humbling ourselves, repenting and turning away from wickedness and turning to God.  



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