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Election 7 Days away; Your vote Matters


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Greg, and Pat share about how we are only seven days away from the election.  Millions will be casting their votes you need to make sure you show up and when you show up be sure to vote your values.  You want to vote for the best person who represents your values as a Christian.   Vote for the one who believes in and is willing to defend the constitutional rights provided by the constitution.  In particular, the first amendment that allows the church the freedom of not only preaching the gospel but the right to gather.   Many of our soldiers have fought in other countries for them to have to experience freedom such as in South Korea and in Vietnam.  Greg shares how South Korea recently honored American war veterans for their sacrifice.  Will we forget the price of freedom and the importance of our Constitution?  Get educated, get informed and vote.  This nation can be turned around to what we want it to be but you as a Christian have a vital role to play.  As Christians we want to be known as a Christian nation.

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