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Home » Evil Is Real: Time for the Church to Rise

Evil Is Real: Time for the Church to Rise

Greg, John, and Pat have a conversation regarding evil in light of the recent shooting that occurred at World Changer Church International pastored by Creflo Dollar.  According to USA Today a man, who allegedly used to work and fellowship at the church, walked into a chapel where believers were gathered and shot and killed the man leading the prayer and then walked right out.  He allegedly was later arrested at Starbucks.  Greg, John, and Pat continue to discuss how there is great evil in the land and encourage everyone to pray for our brothers and sister in the Lord as they go through this travesty.   We need to pray for wisdom on how shepherds of God’s people can keep the flock safe when the people, the church of God, gather.  They continue to share some evil and heinous things that have happened in our land.  Many people today have no idea what our law enforcement officers filter out from our communities while everyone is sound asleep.  Tougher times are coming to America there are those who believe in radical Islam and they hate Jews and Christians.  Evil is evil there is no separate category for evil.  Satan hates God’s people.  The church has been challenged with a question.  What have you been doing with Jesus that has allowed an anti-Christ religion like Islam that has allegedly been able to infiltrate the government?  Evil is evil and is of the same spirit.  There is no way that you can be good on your own apart from having a relationship with Jesus.  It’s no longer time to watch the church but it is time to be the church.  The way to defeat evil is with love.  Some other things discussed were US Ambassador Christopher Stevens; Libya; aiding of arms; and Syria.
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