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Re-Thinking Church – Institutionalized, Confined and Contented?

LISTEN NOW! The church has become institutionalized and acting more like prisoners than the fully functioning body of Christ.  Greg, John, and Pat discuss how the church has been content to stay behind the walls not evangelizing, not praying for others not advancing the kingdom of God and relying on leaders to do it all.  They discuss a movie about prison and liken it to how much of the church is bound today.  They share how the church is going to have to transition from captivity to being free.  The book of Acts is a great model for the Church to follow.  It’s time to no longer be held captive and come out and just simply be the church under the government of family.  You are going to need some transitioning but it is okay if you fear God you will no longer need fences.  Come out from the prison walls and no longer blame others or make excuses, abide, be discipled and advance God’s Kingdom.
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Clarification Notes: The character mentioned is “Brooks” not “Black” in the movie Shawshank Redemption

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