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Former Abortionist Testifies for LIFE before Congress


LISTEN NOW! John, Greg, and Chris discuss a former abortionist’s testimony before Congress as Congress considers a federal law to ban abortions after 20 weeks.  CBN reports that Dr. Levatino told members of Congress that the unborn baby feels pain.  In his testimony he describes in detail how he performed abortions including describing the tools used in these murders.  He describes how the tool would be inserted blindly and he would pull and rip body limbs out including the baby’s head.  This is horrific and the blood of these murdered babies cries out.   They continue to share the recent interview the Fl. legislature had with Planned Parenthood on what they would do with a botched abortion and the baby was born critical but alive.  The Planned Parenthood representative shared that if the baby was born alive and struggling to live in the process of what they call a botched abortion that the patient meaning the mother and physician should decide.  The baby who has rights was not even considered.  Planned Parenthood has handed out 1.4 million abortion pills a year. Planned Parenthood receives 542 million in tax dollars.  51% of income from Planned Parenthood comes from taxpayers.  Join us and many others in this simple yet powerful prayer “Dear God end abortion and send revival.”
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