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God Loves Muslims too

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LISTEN NOW! John and Pat revisit a previously aired segment, “Who Does God Love?”  They share that God loves everyone.  That includes Muslims too.   In this segment Greg asks a very important question, one which if answered correctly will have profound influence when it comes to relating with others and our perception of other people.  The question is: Who does God Love?  The answer is, all mankind.  People who are like us and people who are not like us as well as people who do good and those who do evil.   As Christians how can we hate the ones God loves for God himself is love?  We are called to love.  John and Pat share that one of the greatest things that causes one not to love are the judgments they make about others. Judgments made because they are different and because of their sin.  If God’s people don’t get this revelation they will try to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way that does not reflect the Lord’s original intent.  Anyone who has accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior was only able to do so because of the grace, unmerited favor, that was provided to them by God. 



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