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LISTEN NOW! Greg and Pat continue their conversation; speaking on “Open Society,” [see previous conversation] seeking an answer to the question is America and the world being organized?  If it is, what for and how should Christians respond?  Marshall Ganz, a fellow community organizer who said he worked for President Obama, who himself is a community organizer, seemingly uses the techniques written about in Saul Alinsky book, Rules for Radicalswhich he begins by giving a shout out to Lucifer for pulling off the first ‘successful community organizational efforts.


Alinsky, in this organizers handbook Rules for Radicals, states, “An organizer working in and for an OPEN SOCIETY is in an ideological dilemma with, HE DOES NOT HAVE A FIXED TRUTH—TRUTH TO HIM IS RELATIVE AND CHANGING; EVERYTHING TO HIM IS RELATIVE AND CHANGING…” Rules for Radicals
Greg shares about signs that America and the world is being organized into  Alinsky’s open society as former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton,  reportedly the most traveled secretary in American history, while seemingly working with George Soros, founder of Open Society Foundation, and who desires to use his great wealth to “make a better world.”  Listen now to here it all. 

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