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Home » Haters target Obama with secret weapon Says Prophet Kim Clement ; Urges All to Pray for His Protection

Haters target Obama with secret weapon Says Prophet Kim Clement ; Urges All to Pray for His Protection

by Sohm

LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss a prophetic word shared by Prophet Kim Clement in which he shares that haters target President Obama with a secret weapon and urges everyone to pray for his protection and for God to speak directly to him.  They continue to discuss the prophetic word Kim shared that conveys the prophetic dream the Lord gave him where he was talking with the President.  It was made known to Kim that there was a secret weapon that could destroy him.  He continued to share how it is not God’s heart for the President to leave office in shame.  He told the president that he has a choice.  He also shared that there are those who have hatred toward the President and that is not right.   He continued to reiterate how the “secret weapon” be deemed useless.  He also shared how even one of the President’s own daughters would one day become President of the United States and would bring much honor and pride to America.  Kim continues to share how he saw the President was humbled which is very different from being humiliated.  Humbled meaning the virtue we should all possess; having an awareness of God.  John continues to share what God prophetically shared with him in a dream he received during the 2008 Presidential election.  John shares that he received the dream before either party had selected their nominee.  In the dream he saw where the President made a covenant that would bring forth the homosexual agenda.  The next scene in the dream he shares how he saw the then Senator Obama had won the presidency with two white haired senators standing behind him giving him congratulatory pats on the back. The next scene he shares how he saw the president was dead in the center of the living room with crime chalk outlining the exterior of his body.  He recalls instantly waking up and sat straight up in bed grabbing his wife’s leg saying it’s a set up.  He is being set up.  In another instance separate from this prophetic dream God showed John what the secret weaponry is that is going to be used and eventually bring America into servitude.  Ever since God has made this known they continue to share how they have been praying for the President and his family’s safety and have encouraged many others to do the same.   They encourage us to continue to pray against all plans and strategies planned against our president.


Prophetic Word by Kim Clement

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