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Home » Rick Joyner’s Book: The Harvest – Ch. 10 The Persecution – Part 3

Rick Joyner’s Book: The Harvest – Ch. 10 The Persecution – Part 3

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LISTEN NOW! John, Pat and Steve continue the enlightening conversation about Rick Joyner’s book, The Harvest. A book that was written more than 25 years ago, it details events that are to occur. Twenty-five years later many of the prophetic words have come to pass. Recently, there has been an increasing persecution against the Body of Christ throughout the world, with the exception of the West, the United States. Rick Joyner writes in intricate detail of some of the staggering realities that are about to take place within America. Amidst this, there is a coming a harvest of souls into the Kingdom of God that will be greater than any other time in history.

We cannot be blind to the lies and schemes of the devil. Evil is evil and evil is real. There is a coming persecution that will expose the motives and intentions of many within the church. The present day church is vastly different from the church in the days of the Bible. Satan has a strategy to utterly humiliate the church. As the church, we have two choices: we can either humble ourselves, or be humiliated. In the days that are coming, humility will come upon the church. In the early church, to be in a leadership position within the church was to place your loved ones in a place of danger. “However, in the West, a church leader now has more in common with a corporate executive than its biblical counterpart.” Continual accusation against the body of Christ will increase. We must not judge each other based on what is seen on the outside, but recognize each other by our fruit through the Spirit.

When past events and actions of the present-day church are taken into account, there is a resemblance of the world in the church. Much of what the world has done, the church has imitated. When the church stops basing its position in the eyes of men, and solely on what God says, the church will take on a vastly different reality. Everything in this life is “for the eyes of One” Jesus Christ. Getting this reality frees us from the confines of the opinions of others. Enjoy this heart felt conversation of what is coming upon the church, how to endure, the exciting outcomes that God has for those who endure, and so much more.  Also shared in this segment: persecution, accusation, false testimony, pornography, fads, Bob Jones, hirelings, faithful, crisis, and humility.

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