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Home » ISIS Bullseye on Jordan, Next Stop: Israel?
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LISTEN NOW! WATCH! John, Pat, and Steve continue the conversation about the movements of ISIS and their intentions in the Middle East. As ISIS has maintained a significant presence within Iraq and Syria, CBN reports how they are setting their sights on the West and the nation of Jordan. Reports are that the danger posed most to Jordan is not the pressure of ISIS’s advancements, but the internal presence of MuslimBrotherhood supporters within Jordan that would agree with the ideologies of ISIS. These realities pose a significant threat to Israel as Jordan makes up the majority of Israel’s Eastern border. These are critical days for the church to pray for Israel. Find out the details of what is taking place in the Middle East, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: CBN, Jordan, Petra, ISIS, Israel, and prayer.

ISIS Bullseye on Jordan; Next Stop: Israel
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