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Home » Syrian Drone Accidentally flies over Israel? Palestinians making a push for the West Back? Don’t be fooled it’s spiritual wickedness at work

Syrian Drone Accidentally flies over Israel? Palestinians making a push for the West Back? Don’t be fooled it’s spiritual wickedness at work

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LISTEN NOW! WATCH!   Greg, John, and Pat share the most recent news occurring throughout Israel. The “Jerusalem Post” reports that a Syrian drone was shot down over Israel, regional peace talks are being discussed with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and surrounding nations, as well as building plans for land within the West Bank.
It is important to remember that Israel is 70 miles wide, AT ITS WIDEST POINT. Every nation that surrounds Israel is against Israel. Consistently in headlines, news, and media, it’s been a repetition of Gaza, Gaza, Gaza, Gaza; and now suddenly there are talks regarding the West Bank and plans of developing the land? Don’t be surprised. Don’t be shocked. This whole changing of topics is a strategy. All the while there are peace talks. As the church, we must cry out; for justice, and for peace in Israel. Find out the details of what is happening in Israel, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Mahmoud Abbas, Benjamin Netanyahu, Jerusalem Post, justice, Israel, and prayer. WATCH FULL PROGRAM!

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Joel 3:2, Ephesians 6:12

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