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VFNRadio Second Hour September 10. 2014



Standing Against Injustice 

Greg, John, and Pat share about injustices regarding people of color.  Greg recounts the racist spirit he felt when was in a restaurant and saw what looked like a racist picture in front of a sign for job applications.  John also shares how he felt that racist spirit when he was pulled over by a police officer in the same city near that restaurant.  They also share about the event to be held in September, Re-digging the wells.  This is an opportunity for repentance and healing not only for the state of Alabama but for the United States of America.
Two 10 Year Old Boys Hear God’s Voice 
Don’t miss hearing two ten year old boys, Jonathan and David, share about how the Lord spoke to them in their dreams about the same thing. You’ll be blessed and encouraged as they share what the Lord said for it is for us as well, but also at how God can speak to you too. Teaching from Greg on “Hearing the Voice of the Lord” free to all subscribers on VFNtv.

In the Day of Disaster, Calamity and Uncertainty  

John and Pat share encouragement for those who are experiencing the day of disaster, calamity and uncertainty.  You may have been  surprised by what is happening but God is not surprised.  It’s not over until God says its over.  You can make it through this trial.  Cry out to God, Abide and pray for grace for your place.




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