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LISTEN NOW! With the release of their new novel, The Coalition, authors Boykin and Saleem weave together an invigorating mixture of facts and fiction bringing about the story of Omar (Saleem) and Blake (Boykin). How do we fight the war against Radical Jihadists and the Middle East without first understanding the backgrounds and people that makeup these beliefs? The Blaze shares an interview with the authors and the journey that two men personally lived out that brought about the pages of this riveting storyline. For nearly twenty years, two men who were once enemies, have now come together in Christ, to bring meaning and understanding of what is taking place on the world’s stage. Hear about how this journey transgresses the past, the present, and 5 years in the future within this exhilarating novel, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Kamal Saleem, LTG (Ret) William Boykin, The Blaze, Radical Jihad, Islam, terrorism, and prophecy. Greg, Pat and John shared in this segment.

Lt. General Boykin & Kamal Saleem on TheBlaze


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