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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu AIPAC Speech: Our Alliance is Sound; Our Friendship is Strong- Israel and the United States is Family

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu AIPAC Speech: Our Alliance is Sound; Our Friendship is Strong- Israel and the United States is Family


Courtesy of Roman Yanushevsky/

LISTEN NOW! This is a critical hour for the world, for America, and for the church. Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, has arrived in America in preparation for he is to speak before a joint session of Congress.  Before the Prime Minister addressed Congress, he delivered an impactful speech of clarity and resolve about the relationships between America and Israel to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). This speech took place on March 3rd. This day is one eve of an Esther fast according to the Jewish Calendar. Looking in the book of Esther, there is a vital similarity between the Jewish people and the world. In the book of Esther, Haman was coming against the entire Jewish people in the land. From the result of the leadership of Queen Esther, and the prayers of the Jewish people, the Jewish people not only survived, but also overcame. In the same way Esther spoke up about the dangers coming against the Jewish people, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has arrived in America to speak about the dangers of a nuclear Iran.

As the Prime Minister brings hope and encouragement, he emphasizes the importance of the relationships between America and Israel. We are like family. As in every family, there are going to be differences.

“Israel and the United States agree that Iran should not have nuclear weapons, but we disagree on the best way to prevent Iran from developing those weapons…….There are important differences between America and Israel. The United States of America is a large country, one of the largest. Israel is a small country, one of the smallest. America lives in one of the world’s safest neighborhoods. Israel lives in the world’s most dangerous neighborhoods. America is the strongest power in the world. Israel is strong but is much more vulnerable. American leaders worry about the security of their country. Israeli leaders worry about the survival of their country.”

This highlights the reality of our need, as the church, to remain vigilant in our prayers and support of Israel. Hear the full speech and the resounding words of clear vision and leadership from Prime Minister Netanyahu, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: AIPAC, Congress, Israel, Esther, fasting, Iran, nuclear arms race, and praying. John and Steve shared in this segment.



Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Speech to AIPAC 2015
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PROPHETIC SUMMONS Esther Fast ‘For Such a Time as This!’

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