Home Crisis The Story Behind The Story for Organizer of the Day vs. Organizers of Night: Are They Using Tips from Lucifer to Organize America and the World

The Story Behind The Story for Organizer of the Day vs. Organizers of Night: Are They Using Tips from Lucifer to Organize America and the World



LISTEN NOW! Greg, John, and Pat discuss the story behind the story for the segments on Organizers of the Day vs. Organizers of the Night: Are they using Tips from Lucifer to Organize America and the World?  Greg shares how these segments came to pass.  The word of God tells us that God’s people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.  Greg was watching what was happening in the world and seeing how prominent people would tell bold face lie after lie as he watched what was unfolding in our government.  In particular he saw what was happening in regards to health care and how this plan was rolled out from the beginning.  God told him he was going to reveal to him strategies of what was happening and that when he became aware of the tactics when he was exposed to a book Rules for Radicals written by an organizer named Saul Alinsky.  The inside front cover bears a shout out to lucifer, satan and the back cover is dedicated to Hilary Clinton and Barak Obama.  These tactics are employed to identify, mock, polarize, pressurize and ridicule among other things their tactics.  Greg addresses each dark tactic and shares the antithesis of this tactic with light perspective from God’s word.  The issue is not about whether anyone should be organized it’s about who is doing the organizing and what people are being organized for.  He also discusses the difference between the tactics employed by those who follow Rules for Radicals and those like Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. who organized people under the word of God and the United States Constitution.  This series is enlightening and will give you great insight to what you have seen unfold in our nation and the alternative light perspective and what you can do to remain in the light. Also shared in this segment: Destroyed Lack Knowledge, Organizers Day Night, Saul Alinsky Tactics, Rules for Radicals, President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, Healthcare, Polarization, Catholic Church, Birth Control, Pope, Jezebel, Lucifer Tactics, CBN, Michele Bachmann, Conservative, Left Wing Media, Global Warming, Pride, Saul, Bipolar, Martin Luther King Jr
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