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Testimony: He Escaped N. Korea on One Leg with Crutches Traveling 6,000 Miles to Freedom

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LISTEN NOW! WATCH FULL PROGRAM! There are over 300 million people that currently live in America. Some may not be aware of this, but that population only comprises 5% of the 7 billion human beings that are currently living upon the Earth. Many are oppressed and under tyrannical dictatorship. This is true for those in North Korea under Kim Jun-Un, especially Christians in North Korea.

One particular man, Ji Seong-Ho, was living an impoverished life with his family, stealing coal from railway cars. On one particular trip, Ji ended up getting run over by the train severing his left leg. Because North Korea has a national healthcare system, Ji was able to get healthcare.  With his life forever changed, having to walk with crutches, he cried out to God to get him out of North Korea. After traveling 6,000 miles he was able to escape North Korea. He gives his life to rescuing people out of North Korea.
When we see the vastly different realities of life in the world, it brings context and understanding to the saying, “when much is given, much is expected.” For those who have the blessings of America, we will be held responsible for the blessings that are so accessible. Hear more of this astonishing story and be challenged to see the world outside of your particular nation, to see the world as God sees the world, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: wealth, North Korea, persecution, resources, doctors, medical, blessings, rich, things, and stuff. Greg and John shared in this segment.


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Missing one leg, he escaped North Korea on crutches, trekked 6,000 miles to freedom

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