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Former Defense Secretary, William Perry, says “Nuclear Weapon released in Washington D.C.?”


LISTEN NOW! While the NSA is reportedly spying on the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, former Secretary of Defense, William Perry, is voicing warning of the true threats that are looming. According to the Associated Press, “A terrorist attack using a nuclear bomb or improvised nuclear device could happen “any time now – next year or the year after”. In an interview with The Associated Press, Perry details how a possible scenario of a nuclear attack could be carried out in the United States, ultimately resulting in the detonation of a bomb, in Washington D.C., on Pennsylvania Avenue, “When detonated, it kills 80,000 people instantly, including the president.” Perry continues, “The danger of a nuclear bomb being detonated in one of our cities is all too real”.

We are witnessing terrorist actions of “jihad” being carried out upon American soil more and more, each and every day. What is additionally concerning is hearing leaders commenting that no evidence of this was known beforehand. Why? Reportedly, social media is not vetted when conducting background checks. How can we be warned, as a nation, about the coming possible threats facing our nation, if we are not even aware of the signs?

If America is to become fearful and scared, the rights of our nation, The Constitution, would be offered up as a plausible exchange for safety. If we are looking to any other source other than God to prop us up and support us, the outcomes are not good. It is important for us not to buy into the narratives that are being promulgated over the nations of the world. Regardless of where supposed “threats” may originate from, we have to see people as God sees them and not solely as the media is portraying them to be. Be informed as you get a Biblical understanding to the events rising throughout the world, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: National Security Agency, World War III, James Robinson, social media, San Bernardino, Radical Islam, Mark Zuckerberg, Babylon, New York City, Washington D.C., prohibition, stock market crash, Roaring 20’s, Brigitte Gabriel, and humility. Greg and John shared in this segment. 
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