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Explosive Revival in China, in State Controlled Church!


LISTEN NOW! By looking at some of the events taking place in America, some would say that the government is controlling us. This is nowhere near the reality of what is taking place in China. Presently, China is still considered a Communist and Atheist country. Although, you wouldn’t consider that when seeing what is taking place within China’s State-Controlled churches.

As one who has personally witnessed the transformation, Pastor Duan, shares about what the norms were like in Communist China. “Every sermon that the pastor preached back then had to be vetted by the government authorities. Young people were never allowed to attend these churches so you’d only see old people, mostly women. Preaching about the power of the Holy Spirit was forbidden. You couldn’t talk about end times or preach repentance.” What is taking place now is nothing of the sort.


When CBN’s George Thomas sat down with Pastor Duan, he learned more about the makeup of the churches within China. “Two main types of churches exist in China: registered and unregistered. Registered congregations, also known as Three-Self Churches, are government-approved. Unregistered, sometimes called underground or house churches, operate outside government control, and for decades faced intense persecution. And with that persecution came tremendous growth.” This tremendous growth that seemed to only be experienced within the Unregistered churches is now taking place within the State-Controlled Churches! Watch these exciting testimonies of what is taking place in China, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.
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