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Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Exposes the Destructive strategies Employed against Israel By the Palestinians and the United Nations with Boldness and Clarity at AIPAC- American Israel Public Affairs Committee

LISTEN NOW! The tensions and threats against Israel are increasing and growing as each new day passes. There are plenty of sources that have something to say regarding Israel, the negotiations between Israel and Palestinians, and the harrowing threats that repeatedly come from their neighbors. Without truth, the lies and confusion that come against Israel would be impossible to identify. Because of those organizations that stand up for Israel and support Israel, receiving clarity regarding these many topics can be a reality. AIPAC is one of these organizations and a major contributor of truth and support for Israel.


AIPAC stands for the American Israel Public Affairs Committee. Their mission, “is to strengthen, protect and promote the U.S.-Israel relationship in ways that enhance the security of the United States and Israel.” The question is, how do they accomplish this? In order to impact America’s relationship with Israel, Congress must be properly educated regarding matters involving Israel. This is where AIPAC plays their role. “Israel’s security is too important to risk only working with one party or the other. We work with both parties to ensure Democrats and Republicans come together to keep Israel safe.” This is done through key relationships between the American population and its senators and representatives.  “We influence American policy; not by rating or endorsing candidates, but by educating them. This ensures that no matter which party is in power, there is consensus that Israel’s security is an American priority that both Democrats and Republicans support. “


AIPAC recently convened for their annual assembly. Many were in attendance as numerous speakers were present to share their support of Israel.  Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, also spoke and his words of truth and boldness were beyond encouraging. In light of the many threats towards Israel, from their neighbors, chanting for Israel’s annihilation and destruction, PM Netanyahu stands unshaken. “My friends, that is not going to happen. The only way to defeat these terrorists is to join together and fight them together.”


We live in a world where Israel’s enemies are many and they are not shy about their truths. This reality is no different than generations past when we look at the generations that witnessed the Roman Empire. As PM Netanyahu holds up an exact replica of an arrow that would have been used by one of the Romans coming against Israel during this time, he shared these striking words; “Yet, two millennia later, the Jewish people are once again free and sovereign in our ancient homeland.”


In light of the many condemnations that Israel receives from the international community, PM Netanyahu reminds the world how Israel is not only blessing the world but that the world is coming to Israel to benefit from their advancements and technologies, and developments; “Israel’s know-how is powering the world’s computers, navigating its cars, protecting its bank accounts. It’s led to breakthroughs in treating Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s; It helps farmers around the world produce more crops, produce more milk; conserve more water; So for all these reasons, the world is coming to Israel.”These truths are so important to understand when hearing the international community’s perspective of Israel.


When taking into consideration the topic of the international community, one must be aware of the United Nations and its repeated passing of resolutions and condemnations against Israel. “Only Israel is condemned every year by twenty hostile resolutions in the UN General Assembly.” This is a gross inconsistency when you look at some of the other nations that should be receiving this attention; nations like North Korea, and China. In light of these realities, PM Netanyahu presents an applicable question, “Why would anyone think that The UN could decide an affair and secure peace for Israel?”


The topic of a two-state solution regarding Israel and the Palestinians is continually heard and shared throughout the media of the world. “Peace will not come through UN Security Council Resolutions, but through direct negotiations between the parties. The best formula for achieving peace remains two states, two peoples, in which a de-militarized Palestinian State finally recognizes the Jewish State”


If one were to listen solely to mainstream media, it would appear that the failure of these negotiations consistently falls upon the shoulders of Israel. But, when one takes a closer look at the process of the repeated negotiations, one can see the important truth that consistently gets left out of media reporting. PM Netanyahu shares about this important fact and his perspective on these negotiations, “I’m ready to begin such negotiations immediately; without preconditions. Anytime. Anywhere. That’s a fact. But, President Abbas is not ready to do so. That’s also a fact.” PM Netanyahu continues to share how this has been drawn out, “There is political will here, in Jerusalem. There’s no political will there, in Ramallah. For the last five and half years, President Abbas has refused to sit down and talk with me even for a minute.”


The ironic truth in this matter is that President Abbas hasn’t stopped speaking altogether. His comments to the international community regarding Israel haven’t stopped. Leadership of the Palestinians have consistently incited hatred towards Jews by encouraging the use of cars, rock, and even knives in order to instill fear, and as much harm to the Jewish people as possible. Mahmoud Abbas is publically quoted in stating, “We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem.” This comes during the same time as a young girl is asked, “What do you say to [Palestinian] youth in the West Bank? She enthusiastically responds, “STAB! STAB! STAB!…” while holding a knife in her hand. The truth of the matter is easy to see when the FULL story is seen and heard.


PM Netanyahu expresses the importance of truth regarding these matters, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I’m confident that over time, the trend of embracing Israel will overcome the trend of maligning Israel because ultimately freedom beats tyranny, and ultimately, when vigorously defended, TRUTH BEATS LIES!”


So, it is easy to understand why PM Netanyahu remains unshaken when he reads a Hebrew inscription that was recently placed on an Iranian ballistic missile. “It said, ‘Israel must be wiped out.’ So, ladies and gentlemen, the writing is not on the wall, it’s on the missile.” He continues to share how this Iranian ‘arrow’ is no different than the ones shot at Israel by the Romans, who also set themselves as those who would destroy the existence of Israel.

It is always beyond encouraging and enlightening to listen to PM Netanyahu speak on such matters. We must have credible voices for truth when considering the matter of Israel and its security; and PM Netanyahu will always remain as one of these voices.  As the Church, it is vital that we not only support Israel, but that each of us be bold voices
for truth regarding Israel, the Jewish people, and the existence of a free state for Israel. Hear the full speech from Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, details on the biased outcomes of meetings at the United Nations, and so much more. Also shared in this segment; Congress, Senators, House of Representatives, democracy, Taylor Force, Radical Islam, Intifada, and anti-Semitism, and Zionism. John and Steve shared in this segment.
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