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WATCH! Importance of Israeli – US Relationships, The Middle East Situation from perspective of Israeli Ambassador Ettinger; What do Palestinian Textbooks Teach Students?; and Israel’s most Southern City: Elat



‘America’s Best Investment in Foreign Aid is the Millions of dollars given to Israel’ a look at the many benefits of the relationship between America and Israel

 We boldly stand with and for Israel. Israel was the birthplace of Jesus and it is where Jesus is going to stand when He returns. In the midst of this exciting news, our present Administration has been making odd decisions. During our President’s first international speech, he visited Cairo University, where he reportedly invited the Muslim Brotherhood. It was also this current Administration who impacted the change of leadership in Egypt when Mohammed Morsi was put into power. Who was the Secretary of State during this time? Hillary Clinton. Now that Morsi has been removed and Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has been established. El-Sisi not only supports Israel but is an ally to Israel. Oddly enough, our current Administration pushes both el-Sisi and Israel aside. The question is why?


According to CBN, “The U.S. currently sends $3 Billion each year, to Israel.” The benefits of this foreign aid is absolutely priceless. A look at just a few of the items gives you an understanding as to why. When Israel spends that money on their defense, that adds to more American jobs. “By law, most of the military aid sent to Israel, must be spent back in the U.S. with American defense contractors.” This is just for starters.


To raise a more important perspective of our relationship with Israel, the intelligence that Israel provides to America is simply unmatched. When the former chief of U.S. Air Force Intelligence, Gen. George Keegan, spoke about Israel’s intelligence input regarding recent Air Force developments, he expressed it this way; “I could not have procured the intelligence with five CIAs”. It’s also the benefit to our Special Forces and our joint efforts against Radical Islam that are dramatically impacted because of our relationship.


Be encouraged as you hear the full story of America’s relationship with Israel, how VFNtv stands with Israel, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: CUFI, Dugit Ministries, and prayer. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.   




‘Global Sanity Depends on the Willingness of U.S. to Defy Odds rather than be Defined by the Odds”, says Israeli Ambassador Yoram Ettinger; An Israeli Perspective on the Middle East.


CBN’s Pat Robertson has a powerful discussion when he sits down with Israeli Ambassador Yoram Ettinger. During our extensive coverage of Israel, we also had many discussions regarding Mahmoud Abbas and his involvement with Israel. When Robertson asks about Abbas’s impact on achieving peace, Ambassador Ettinger shares some interesting comments in response. “The daily education which he has introduced into the Palestinian Authority, K-12, is THE most ferocious, hate-education, anti-Semitic, anti-Jewish, anti-U.S.A., anti-democratic, and therefore, Mahmoud Abbas has not been an asset to the peaceful co-existence attempt, but rather a very egregious liability.” As Ambassador Ettinger explains, it has been this type of education that has spawned the present regime of Ayatollahs, ‘the most anti-American regime anywhere in the world’.


Connecting the dots of the past Carter Administration, Ettinger highlights how the Obama Administration is acting in the same manner. He also brings attention to the current Administration’s actions towards Egypt’s el-Sisi by “still turning a cold shoulder towards President el-Sisi and pressuring him to alleviate the pressure of the Muslim Brotherhood”.


As Robertson asks the Ambassador his perspective on our current Administration’s decision to turn away from nations such as Egypt, Israel, and Jordan while embracing Iran. In response, he shares, “I think it’s a traditional…wishful thinking over realism”. He continues to share that “The Department of State was a chief opponent of the establishment of the Jewish State in 1948…It was the Department of State… claiming that Israel is a very short-lived experience… and that Israel would become a chief ally of communism against the U.S. and how wrong have they been!?” In his final comments, he shared that “global sanity depends on the willingness of the U.S. to defy odds rather than be defied by the odds.”


Our issue is not in the amount or lack of our manpower but in our dependency and hope in God. Our trust cannot be in our strength, but in God. Hear the full statements from this powerful discussion, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Israel, Hamas, regime, Ayatollah, Egypt, Morsi, State Department, military power, strength, Soviet Union, and Syria. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.




‘Demonizing Jews and Encourage Shahada (martyrdom) and Jihad (holy war)’; Looking at what Palestinian Textbooks Teach Students


When we see the acts of jihad and terrorism throughout the world, many wonder why so many travesties and devastations are happening throughout the world. But, when we simply look at the text of what is taught, we begin to see a clear picture as to why some people do what it is that they do. According to nirboms.com, “The Levant countries presently consist of the states of Palestine, Jordan, Lebanon and Syria. Israel remains absent in the vast majority of textbook maps as well.” Take into consideration he openly omits Israel and combine that with what is encouraged. Nirboms continues to reveal that according to the “Religious Affairs issued by the Waqf, it is written that:


Today the Muslim states need Jihad and Jihad warriors urgently in order to free the robbed territories and get rid of the thieving Jews in the robbed lands of Palestine and the Levant”. Can it be any clearer? This is how many Palestinians are raised and taught. Hear the full story of what else is being taught, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Radical Islam, the Levant, Jihad, holy war, John Guandolo, and racism. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.



A Look at Israel’s Most Southern City “Elat”


Often times, when we think of Israel, one may think of the Holy City of Jerusalem or the Western Wall. But, there is actually much more to see in Israel. For instance, Israel’s most Southern city of Elat. Elat is a small fishing village but it is also known for its coral reefs. While some may think of the city landscape when considering Israel, Elat offers a diverse tourism experience of hotels, spas, and glass-bottom-boat fishing trips. Visit Israel, and the waterfront city of Elat for an experience that is sure to be memorable, and so much more. Greg and Steve shared in this segment.

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