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The Transition of Power has begun for President Elect Donald Trump and the Ensuing Process to come


LISTEN NOW! As the celebratory balloons filled with excitement have now hit the floor, it is important to remember that a critical transition of power is now underway. Yes, the votes have been tallied, and President Elect Trump has been chosen, but there is still a season of time for the current President to finish his term and the new President to enter his office. The new President Elect excitingly responded to his victory but there are many new responsibilities that the new President must take on.

Some may not be fully aware of the days ahead, but President Elect Trump has not fully assumed the Presidency yet. As Prager University explains, understanding The Electoral College helps to know that there is more to endure before the actual Inauguration Day in January of 2017. “The President and Vice President of the United States are not chosen by a nationwide vote of the American people. Rather, they are chosen by 538 electors. This process is spelled out in the United States Constitution.” The importance of this process is so that voting is not limited to a simple majority.
As many Americans watched the Presidential Election take place earlier this week, there was a constant reminder that a candidate had to receive 270 electoral votes to win the Presidency. Every state had a certain number of votes based on the number of representatives from the House of Representative and the 2 Senators from each state. There was a total of 538 votes up for grabs. At the end of this year’s election Donald Trump had won 306, while Hillary Clinton had won 232. This secured Donald Trump’s victory to be President Elect. The process is not quite finished. Now that the American people have voted, it is now time for part 2. As Prager University explains, “Part two of the election is held in December, and it is this December election among the state’s 538 Electors, not the November election, which officially determines the identity of the next president. At least 270 votes are needed to win.”
Thank God for the process that our founding father so intricately labored over and spelled out in the Constitution. Because they understood the tyrannical ruler ship of a king, which was fresh in their minds, and the dangers of a mere majority, the urgency of this process could not be understated.
The historical significance of this election could not be understated. As Charles Dunn made known to CBN, it has been quite some time since such results in a Presidential Election took place. “The last time the United States had an upset win was in 1980 when Jimmy Carter was projected to beat Ronald Reagan… The time before that was in 1948 when Harry S. Truman pulled a surprising win over Thomas E. Dewey.” What is additionally noteworthy is that Trump’s victory now gives a sweeping victory to the Republican Party in all three branches of government. When asked when was the last time this took place, Dunn replies, “1953 and 1954”. It has been more than 60 years that such events have taken place.
Dunn also shares a few words of wisdom for the Church in times such as these. “Evangelicals need to recognize their limitations. Yes, they should have a significant role in the Trump Administration, and I believe that they will. But, sometimes Evangelicals sell their souls to politics.” He reminds where our priorities must remain. “They must keep their eyes and their hearts on the main thing, mainly, that is, spreading the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.”
There have been so many bills that have been made into laws under the Obama Administration. With the Trump Administration only days away from beginning the first day of office, many of the recent bills that were passed can easily be overturned by this new Administration. Each one of us can take part in the direction of our nation.

Watch this full conversation to hear the full comments from President Elect Trump, the details on the following days until he fully takes the Oval Office, and so much more. Also, shared in this segment: Presidential elections, Senators, Electoral College, voting, The U.S. Constitution, Amendments, and prayer. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 
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