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“They destroyed everything, but they could not destroy our faith or our will”. Sister Diana sees the true devastation of ISIS after returning to her home in Mosul

LISTEN NOW! When the world watched as Radical Islamist fighters stormed through Iraq and Syria, many in America didn’t have a true understanding of just how violent and barbaric these fighters were. That was until reports began to be televised throughout our nation and the world. As one who personally experienced this evil, Sister Diana Momeka spoke before Congress to share about her memories.
We cannot begin to fathom what it must be like to learn that your city is being invaded by ISIS. But, with these words, we begin to get a true understanding, “It was quite a shock for us, because we used to watch the news on TV that ISIS took over Mosul, but we never thought, someday, in a few hours, we’d be out of our homes; left with nothing at all.” She points out that she escaped with only the clothes on her back, literally. As others in the region were similarly forced from their homes, many were forced into sex slavery, and marriage with these Islamic fighters.
Miriam was another one of these women who were effected by Radical Islam. She found refugee in a Jordanian refugee camp. When interviewed by SAT-7, she was asked about her response to the ISIS fighters. “I won’t do anything to them, I will only ask God to forgive them.” Even after being forced from her own home, her friends, and all that she knew in her city of Qaraqoush, she only had forgiveness in her heart towards them.
When Sister Diana was forced from her home in Mosul, Iraq, the day has now come when she is able to return to her home, as ISIS has now been the ones driven from Mosul. She spoke with CBN’s Chris Mitchell, as she literally walked through the streets of her home and witnessed the devastation that ISIS had caused. She points out the damage to the church building that her parents were married in, The Immaculate Conception Cathedral. It wasn’t just the building that the ISIS fighters destroyed, but every existence of the Cross. “So they are against every Christian symbol, against everything actually. You know, wherever you see there is a Cross, they took it down.” She continues to point out detailed damage, “You see here, we have the altar, there were Crosses in there, so wherever you see the damage, they tried to do as much as they have in their power to say, ‘you Christians, stop live here, this is not your land.’” Amidst the sobering reality of devastation that was all around her, she remained unshaken. ‘They destroyed everything dear to us, but we tell them, ‘they could not destroy our wealth, our faith, our strength’. They could destroy material things, but what lives, is the eternal things.’
We must continue to stand in prayer for the Church in the Middle East, as well as the Church throughout the world that is suffering severe persecution for the steadfast faith in Jesus Christ. See the entire story of Sister Diana, Mariam, the results of Mosul, modern day Nineveh, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: testimony, Radical Islam, forgiveness, shooting range, and faith. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 


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