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PROPHECY! Shy Seers and Intimidated Prophets, John Kilpatrick


LISTEN NOW! For some of those who have tried to share the prophetic words of the Lord, they have been met with opposition and difficulty. Some have then responded in shyness, steering away from what isn’t received, or from what wouldn’t be received well. People have expressed that others may not receive that word and cause doubt for those speaking out what God has directed them to share. As Pastor John Kilpatrick continues to share prophetic words for 2017, he highlights how the times of shyness and intimidation are over.
You have been frustrated and have felt rejected and left out—you have felt like a misfit, but because of the integrity and goodness of your heart and your unwavering love for truth, Holy Spirit is now opening to you visions, interpretation of dreams and even words of knowledge. Each time, as you release them, it will expand you, and you will become more and more comfortable with this gift; whereas before, you halted and had faltering confidence.
I am going to open your eyes as Elisha’s servant, Gehazi, had his eyes opened to My world of glory and power. You will become so bold and you will not retreat again to the intimidation of the past. This will be very easy, so easy that you will not struggle with the transformation. It will be as though you were always this free. If you believe, you will see! Confirm yourself to yourself. Do not speak doubt to yourself any longer. The doubt delays your usefulness among My people.


THIS IS A NEW SEASON!! When we resolve to walk in the boldness of the word that God has revealed to us, we’ll find that people will just have to adjust and line up their lives with what God says is true. It’s time to line up our own thoughts and hearts with what God says is going to happen. Be lifted up in your faith as you hear the full prophetic word, and so much more. Greg and John shared in this segment.


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