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LISTEN NOW! WATCH FULL PROGRAM! How do we see the world that is around us? It is important to understand this perspective and the perspective of those around us because it helps us understand the lens that we and others see the world through. Glenn Beck recently shared a startling discovery as was revealed by George Barna.

Beck shares how Barna has done research to find out how many Americans have a Biblical World View. Meaning that one looks at the world based on what the Bible teaches and the principles that are upheld in the Bible. When you understand the Bible, you understand how someone with a Biblical World View sees the world. As Beck explains, a recent study from Barna revealed that 49% have a Biblical World View. When Barna was alarmed by this, he added additional questions to the study. “He asked cultural questions about stealing, about lying…do you live any of those things?” Beck continues, “Out of the 49%, only 15% actually have a Biblical World View”. There’s more. What about millennials? 4 percent. 4 percent of Millennials have a Biblical World View.

This is a staggering reality. The question is this. If the Church does not have a Biblical World View, what are we teaching from the pulpits? If we are not walking out our lives with the teachings of Jesus Christ as a priority in our lives, we are putting ourselves in a dangerous place of easily being deceived. A true disciple of Jesus Christ knows and follows the teachings of Jesus Christ. God has called us to make disciples. In order for us to make disciples, we must first become a disciple of Jesus Christ and learn what He expects of us.

See the full dialogue from Glenn Beck as he shares about these startling statistics, how we are to respond to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: elections, government, elected officials, and religion. Greg and Steve shared in this segment. 


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