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Clear Presentation of the Gospel on Fox and Friends by Faith Anchor Lauren Green


LISTEN NOW! WATCH FULL PROGRAM! As the faith anchor on Fox’s Fox & Friends, Lauren Green takes the opportunity of this Easter celebration to point out what makes this day of the year so special and why Christians call this past Friday “Good Friday”. While many are taking part in egg hunts, Green points out that it’s much more than that.  As she dialogues with other correspondents, she shares, “I have a hard time saying ‘Happy Good Friday’, but we understand that this is a day of mourning. This is the day that Jesus died on the Cross and that He was crucified. He walked through carrying His Cross and suffered an excruciating death.”

When some consider the reality of Jesus’ crucifixion, they are reminded of the many that are persecuted for their faith around the world and ask what can be so good about this day. Green explains with these words; “…out of this excruciating pain, out of this bad, what they thought was bad, came this incredible good, and that’s why we call it ‘Good Friday’”. She continues to explain, “Because we, as Christians, know that we’re on the other side of the resurrection, we understand what this leads up to.” On the third day, after His crucifixion, Jesus was raised from the dead, which is what Easter celebrates; “The Resurrection of Jesus Christ.”

Not only does Green discuss the significance of Easter, but she also points out how Christianity sets itself apart from all the religions of the world. “Christianity has unique truth claims. It is the only religion where its founder claims to have been God. Right? God in the flesh. Buddha did not make these claims. Mohammed did not make these claims.” She doesn’t stop there. She further points out the ensuing struggle when someone begins to acknowledge this reality. “So, this is why, when the Secular world and non-Christians are confronted with Christianity, they have a conflict because the Secular world wants to believe that all religions are the same, that they worship the same God, and Christianity is saying, ‘NO. Jesus is God.’ So, even Muslims have to say, we have to say that Muslims don’t even worship the same deity because they don’t believe that Jesus was divine…”

It’s important to recognize that when Jesus stood before Pontius Pilate on the day that He was to be crucified, He said in John 18:36, “…My kingdom is not of this world…” He wasn’t living for this life, but the life to come: eternal life. Experiencing persecution will always appear to be overwhelming if we are living solely for this life. It’s a powerful reality when we begin to truly understand what Jesus did and accomplished for every one of us upon the Cross. If you haven’t yet, you can receive Jesus Christ into your life this very moment.

Be encouraged and lifted up as you are reminded of this powerful moment of history, as not just a date in history, but a reality that can effect your eternal life, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: hope, faith, It Is Finished, Jesus is Lord, persecution, and eternal life. John and Steve shared in this segment.
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