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WATCH! Center for Medical Progress’s David Daleiden Interviewing Holly O’Donnell about Selling Baby’s Body Parts


Financial Bonuses Based on Individual Baby Body Parts? Former Procurement Technician with Stem Express, Holly O’Donnell, shares Alleged Events of working with Planned Parenthood
It is amazing to see how David Daleiden has continued his faithful work towards revealing the barbaric events that have been taking place in the abortion industry. Since the passing of the U.S. Supreme Court Case of Roe v. Wade in 1973, more than 50 Million babies have been murdered in their mother’s womb, in the name of abortion and choice. This is an egregious act that grieves the heart of God and it has to be stopped. In David Dalieden’s most recent work, he interviews a former procurement technician for Stem Express, Holly O’Donnell, who shares some of the practices that she witnessed and carried out while working with Planned Parenthood.
In this sit down interview with O’Donnell, she openly shares, “I think that some of the staff at some of these clinics knew exactly what was going on, that they were getting compensated…” Her statements are echoed by previous sit-down encounters that Daleiden had with Dr. Deborah Nucatola, Senior Director of Medical Services for Planned Parenthood Federation of America.  Planned Parenthood claims that there are “shipping costs” in the industry. O’Donnell directly refutes these claims stating, “Planned Parenthood never shipped anything. We did all the shipping. We as procurement technicians got our bonuses based on organ…brain, heart, lungs, liver, spleen.” O’Donnell describes these ‘lists of organs’ for the procurement technicians to get, as compared to ‘grocery lists’.
It can be baffling to consider the mere size that the company, Stem Express, has now grown, which now allegedly does business with Planned Parenthood. According to Fox News, Stem Express is “a company that buys fetal tissue from Planned Parenthood”. If one were dispute this claim, more of Daleiden’s footage reveals Cate Dyer, Founder and CEO of Stem Express, reveals her comments regarding Planned Parenthood. “Oh yeah, I like Deb Nucatola. We know all the people at PPFA pretty well”. PPFA stands for Planned Parenthood Federation of America.
In a promotional video from Sacramento State, Stem Express promotes remarkable growth when compared to their small beginnings of only a $9,000 investment from Cate Dyer. “Billing itself as the largest provider of maternal blood and fetal tissue, globally, its grown by leaps and bounds, taking in $2.2 Million in revenue in 2013.” As we begin to understand Stem Express’s significance in the industry, and their coordination with Planned Parenthood, we can get a better understanding of O’Donnell’s first-hand accounts from her daily activities as a former procurement technician.
When O’Donnell begins to describe how each day was begun by communicating what needed to be “procured for the day”, Daleiden asks O’Donnell about the coordination of the two companies. “So, there was coordination between Stem Express and Planned Parenthood to make sure that those orders were being filled?” O’Donnell emphatically responds. “There was a lot of coordination”. Again, she underscores her emphasis, “A LOT of coordination”. Each day, there was a task page that detailed the number of organs that were needed. “Roughly saying, it was like a grocery list of what to get for that day”, is how O’Donnell describes it. More specifically, she adds; “[the head nurse] would give you a sheet of the appointments, which women were coming in, and it would tell you how many patients, what time they were coming in, their name, and if they knew how far along they were.” She points out how critical it is to “prioritize” who is coming in. For instance, ‘if she needed a liver that day’, she would know who specifically to talk to.
Daleiden then asks about some of the email communications within Stem Express and how the head procurement technician would have other procurement technicians log in to clinic computers to get patient schedules. As O’Donnell shares that she has seen co-workers logging in to the computers, she adds, “they would even let us look at the charts…they’d let us look at the physical charts outside the room”. More importantly, she adds, “I was even asked to write on the charts at one point”. When told it was part of her job, she refused, aware that she could lose her license. It’s a disturbing thought to think that some women can be absolutely terrified at the decision that they are considering when walking into an abortion clinic, and these institutions are treating women, and their unborn babies, like grocery lists.
As Daleiden and O’Donnell continue their exchange, their dialogue transitions to how payments were being given based “specimen”, ie, each baby body part. Daleiden shares, “Sara Heuston, the former procurement manager, was the first one who told me that they were actually paying the clinics per specimen. They weren’t renting space…They were paying per the number of fetal specimens they could get.” He highlights the specific contract between Stem Express and Planned Parenthood Mar Monte, which was released by the Congressional investigations. In this agreement, the “POC” is specifically mentioned. “The term “product of conception” (“POC”) means any fetal organ”, in addition, “($55.00) per POC determined in the clinic to be usable…Planned Parenthood Mar Monte will invoice Stem Ex monthly for the number of POC’s…procured by Stem-Ex”. Daleiden highlights how Stem Express lawyers have claimed that it was per abortion, but these legal statements prove otherwise.
When Daleiden asks O’Donnell directly about her experiences, she directly refutes these claims by Stem Express. “I don’t believe that was true because we, as procurement technicians got our bonuses based on organ, not per abortion.” In response to O’Donnell’s statements on her experiences with Stem Express and Planned Parenthood, he asks her, “at a big Planned Parenthood, like the Alameda in San Jose, or B Street in Sacramento, on a day that Stem Express was there, did you guys basically handle everything in the Path Lab, and so after every abortion, you guys were the ones renting the POC out, doing the check to make sure the arms and legs, cal, and spinal cord were there?” She replies, “80-90% of the time.” Daleiden assesses her response by adding, “so you were doing the work that a Planned Parenthood medical assistant would normally do?” Again, she replies, “yes”. Daleiden continues, “So, you were doing some of their work for them and then you were harvesting the body parts that you needed, and Stem Express would pay Planned Parenthood for those body parts they’d harvested?” She agrees, “yes”.
What is additionally disturbing is the prioritizing of body parts that these procurement technicians were given regarding different parts of the babies’ body, and they payment structure regarding them. She begins to describe how different tissues fall under different categories. Higher prioritized tissues provide more money than others. Meaning, a brain would bring higher incentive than a kidney. In addition, the more tissues, baby body parts, that a procurement technician would get, the higher amount of money, per item they were then paid. As Daleiden listens to her describe this structure, he asks, “so the compensation of the procurement technicians from Stem Express, it sounds to me like it was getting increasingly built around how valuable of body parts can they harvest at Planned Parenthood for Stem Express Corporate.”  O’Donnell agrees unequivocally, “exactly”.
We can clearly see that there has been no regard for the patients that have come into these institutions. There is a gross disconnect from reality when compensation packages are being discussed in light of human beings and the sale of their body parts. Simply put, this is blood money. We cannot turn our eyes from these realities. As we have continually prayed that God would end abortion, it is important to recognize that the exposing of these actions is an answer to prayer. We can have hope that God will entirely eradicate abortion from America. See the full conversation between David Daleiden and Holly O’Donnell as they detail each of these topics, and so much more. Also shared in this segment: Center for Medical Progress, Stem Express, Planned Parenthood, Planned Parenthood Federation of America, compensation packages, selling baby body parts, unborn babies, U.S. Supreme Court Case Roe v Wade, baby organs, and deception. John and Steve shared in this segment.

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