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WATCH! Prophetic: Preparing for the Third Great Awakening Dutch Sheets



Prophetic: Preparing for the Third Great Awakening Dutch Sheets

We have been crying out and praying for the Third Great Awakening for years, as have others, which can literally change the DNA of a nation! When we talk about this Great Awakening, it is asking the question, God what are You going to do? We may have been through and are going through some hard times as a nation in America but in the hard times God moves!

Dutch Sheets says, “The winter season is coming to an end for some people.”  In Ezekiel 47 it is written about the river of God coming from God’s throne. The river in this scripture means a “winter torrent,” and it is an increasing water level because the seasons are changing. We are excited about this because we can feel that the season is changing! What you can do during this season is based off whatever foundation you have laid with Jesus. To learn more and get guidance in building your foundation on Jesus visit Emmaus Road Discipleship

We are moving into a season with signs and wonders being released. This is part of the Third Great Awakening that is coming, and it will include dramatic healings. This generation is going to see these signs and wonders so that they will turn to Jesus. 

Dutch continues to share that some ministries are good for a season, but then we may have to change everything in the new season. We will need to shift with the new season, “Be firm and flexible when it comes to sound doctrine. But be very very flexible when it comes to strategies, methods, procedures, even vision,” he says. A Tsunami generation is coming that will ride the wave of God’s Spirit and be God’s war eagles. They will rise in an apostolic mantle as healers and deliverers. God’s power will be loosed through their lives. Great things for the Lord will be done in this new season. “Changing seasons means changing strategies…if you are not going to change then you are going to become an old wineskin…it is a season to change and if you are not changing with the times the times will change without you and like Jerusalem you will miss the time of your visitation if you don’t flex.” Are you satisfied with the God’s presence in your life right now? How could we not want more of God? It is time for us to crank our faith up and be ready to let everything go and flex to this new season. “Tap into the voice of healing,” says Dutch and he feels that we will see more people healed outside of the Church building and they will mainly come to the Church to be discipled. We are ready for the Third Great Awakening, come Lord Jesus come! Watch or listen to the full program to hear more of the prophetic word from Dutch Sheets. We want to hear from you and what you think about the Third Great Awakening. Also shared in this segment: Roe v Wade, Abortion, Murder, Schools, Court, Winter, Healing. Greg, Pat, and John shared in this segment.

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