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We are called as Christians to be about the Father’s business. We call this the VFN Kingdom Business, VFNKB, our job is to advance the Kingdom of God, which is not a natural kingdom but a spiritual Kingdom. Bill Bright, with Campus Crusade, shared some great insight on our culture and broke it down into seven spheres of culture, which can be called mountains. And these Mountains of Culture can be found in every nation! God has called us to make disciples in each mountain and we call each mountain: Government, Family, Business, Media, Church(Religion), Education, and Arts and Entertainment. If you feel called to the Media Mountain, then maybe you would want to intern at VFNtv? If you are interested visit VFNtv and let us know!

God uses broken people to further His Kingdom, you can read our stories at Meet My Father to see that no one is perfect. We need to join together in unity as the Church to further God’s Kingdom in each of these mountains of culture.  Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a great example as a leader who joined together thousands of people in unity to help with the Civil Rights Movement. Dr. King had each of the participants who walked with him to sign an agreement to 10 commitments, so they were all in unity. In an interview with CBN, Reverend Jessie Douglas shares some of his personal stories while walking with Dr. King. As we are seeing the same rising tensions in America today, CBN asks Reverend Douglas how they carried this out. “The approach that you talk about with non-violence, with a Christian perspective, how did you get people convinced to go that route when it goes against human nature?” Reverend Douglas responds by saying, “Well, the persons who participated, had to sign papers promising that they would not violate our non-violent procedure of demonstration.” He continues by saying, ‘Dr. King got us to realize that hate only provokes hate and violence only provokes violence and love is the greatest force on Earth.’

At VFNKB we carry on these 10 commitments with small adjustments for today’s culture. You can stand in agreement with all those who are standing up for God by going to Civil Christianity.org. When you have done everything to stand, all you can then do is stand. Be encouraged and know that as you stand for what is right and walk in love you are furthering the Kingdom of God! We want to hear from you and what you think about this. Also shared in this segment: CBN, Selma, Bloody Sunday, Montgomery, Memphis, Tennessee, protesters, demonstrators, civil rights, VFN Kingdom Business, love, hate, violence, and hope. Greg and John shared in this segment.

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