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All it takes is just one. One life powerfully touched by God, and God can bring about a great and mighty transformation in our community and in our nation. This is exactly what happened when Lonnie Frisbee, a hippie in the 1970’s, gave his life to Jesus Christ.  One man shares a powerful testimony of what took place when a woman brought her husband, who was blind, to a church service, and ended up encountering the power of Jesus Christ. “We were over at Calvary Chapel, and they told us to come over here, that somebody would pray for my husband. He’s blind. [Lonnie Frisbee] looks at the guy and says, ‘IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST, YOU CAN SEE!’ And the man got his sight back.” Contrary to what many believed, God was using a hippie. Many people thought that a hippie couldn’t get saved, but they were wrong. What many weren’t aware of, is that this is what God was doing to wake up a hard-hearted church. Even hippies thought they couldn’t be saved. But, Lonnie Frisbee changed all that.

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