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Home » Market Crash? This Week? Pastor Jack Hibbs, April 2, 2023

Market Crash? This Week? Pastor Jack Hibbs, April 2, 2023


Everyday this doesn’t happen, is the grace and mercy of God.

  1. Interesting Facts:
  2. Federal Reserve Sets up FedNow (I’ll discuss FedNow today in announcements, April 2, 2023)
  3. Arresting a President of the United States who is leading in polls to be next president.
  4. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Brazil, India agrees to leave the U. S. Dollar to deal directly with China.  This is the end of the petro dollar?  We do not have a gold standard for our dollar, we have a oil (petro) standard.  Our dollars strength is only based on this as all nations used to, prior to this recent agreement, had to covert their money into dollars to buy oil, but now the dollar is being cut out in these international deals with China.
  5. How will they get everyone to run to FedNow as America’s One Bank?
  6. Crash the Stock Market after pushing it beyond reality and spending to oblivion.
  7. America goes to digital money system first (FedNow) then digital dollar.
  8. Once they control the money, American’s have lost their freedom.   Rev. 13:15-18
  9. Then they say “Come here, we got you, we will help you, we will give you some money so you can survive, it will be ok.”  So, the cattle comes running and they’d succeed in fundamental transformation of America.  
  10. ‘Tomorrow morning, there is a high probability around 8:00  [Monday 3, 2023] the U. S. Stock Market will crash…whatever money I have, I may not have 24 hours from now. And there aint a thing you can do about it, but trust in God.’   Pastor Jack Hibbs, April 2, 2023
  11. Click on the vimeo/video link above and watch full warning.
  12. God has prepared you for this.
  13. Got your 90 Days?

Review all you have.

  • Remember in VFN PFC there is 90 Days of preparation.

  • Let the Lord lead you and His Spirit, not fear.

Make sure your landline is working (not just cell)

14. Realize a great harvest is going to be come to the Lord and we need to make ourselves ready.

15. Remember “This calls for wisdom!”  Rev. 13:18  Solomon prayed for wisdom and God was so pleased that He gave him the greatest amount of wisdom ever found in a man, plus all he needed.  God’s got this! Romans 8:28  He is allow this shift that will eventually bring in the great harvest of souls and we shall soon see our Lord’s appearing! I Thes. 4:16-18

16. We may have a conference call soon, but I wanted you to know now so you can make any arrangements if you feel led to do so by the Lord.  I can give no financial advice as I am not trained for such.

Updated 04.13.23

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