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Home » Six Signs of a Jezebel Spiritual Attack – John Kilpatrick

Six Signs of a Jezebel Spiritual Attack – John Kilpatrick

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In the world of spiritual understanding, some elements of warfare can be deeply unseen but deeply felt. John Kilpatrick discusses a particularly challenging entity: the Jezebel spirit, which he links to modern-day verbal warfare and perhaps even greater spiritual confrontations.

Kilpatrick starts by painting a picture of our present world, noting the dominant force of words. “The warfare is with words right now, and you’ve never seen anything like this. The warfare words our country is being run by words by fighting back and forth.” He connects this to the predicted rise of the Jezebel spirit in the last days, a spirit that has profound effects on its victims.


How can you tell if you’re under the influence of this spirit? Kilpatrick lists six telltale signs:

  1. Overwhelm: When the Jezebel spirit is coming against you, everything seems overwhelming, even the simple tasks. The mere act of opening mail or even confronting basic daily responsibilities feels daunting.
  2. Difficulty with Simple Tasks: Undertaking even the simplest of tasks feels impossible. Starting something feels regretful as the belief takes over that it might never get finished.
  3. Heaviness and Hopelessness: The Jezebel spirit fills you with a profound sense of despair. It makes you feel that God has never assisted you in the past and has no plans to help in the future. This, Kilpatrick emphasizes, is a deception.
  4. Feeling Ineffective: Under the grip of this spirit, you feel ineffective in every role you have – as a pastor, a parent, a breadwinner, or even as a Christian.
  5. Desire for Isolation: The affected person wants to remain in bed, sleep, and shut out the world.
  6. Minimized Self-Worth: One starts viewing their ministry and role as laughable, insignificant, and unworthy of notice.

Kilpatrick emphasizes the attack on ministers: “All six of these things right here is exactly how the devil’s fighting preachers today.” He also suggests that such a spiritual onslaught could emanate from a person in the church or someone trying to hex the victim.

Kilpatrick concludes with a poignant prayer, reaching out to all those affected:

Prayer: “Father, every minister, every leader in the Kingdom of God that’s going through an attack of the Jezebel spirit, we call that thing to a halt in Jesus’ Name. Lord, we speak breakthrough and we call that thing to a halt. God let it be. Jesus in Jesus name, you shall not continue to hinder the work of God and the Ministers of God and the work of the ministry. You shall not continue to do it because a greater anointing is on the way to God’s people than we’ve ever known before. Such a great anointing. Breakthrough in Jesus name.”


Seven Things We Learned from this Article:

  1. The Jezebel spirit is linked to the current era of verbal warfare and may have broader spiritual implications.
  2. This spirit is predicted to rise notably in the last days.
  3. There are six telltale signs indicating the influence of the Jezebel spirit, including feeling overwhelmed, facing difficulty with simple tasks, experiencing heaviness and hopelessness, feeling ineffective, desiring isolation, and having a minimized sense of self-worth.
  4. The Jezebel spirit can lead individuals to doubt divine assistance and presence in their lives.
  5. This spirit particularly targets ministers, challenging their roles and effectiveness.
  6. Kilpatrick recounts a tangible spiritual encounter during his sermon, feeling a cold presence.
  7. Despite the challenges of the Jezebel spirit, Kilpatrick emphasizes unwavering faith in the overwhelming power of God.

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