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At this point there are so many signs taking place…only those who can’t or refuse to see do not see. To prevent a viewpoint from one who is focused on the negative consequences this blog will focus on the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

It’s important, as stated that what God had revealed to me be made known what has been accomplished. Although there has been much more, it all lines us with the same conclusion.

It’s time to focus on advancing the Kingdom of God, standing with those who turn to the Lord, going into the nations, preaching the Kingdom of God and making disciples of those who believe.

For those within the VFN Family any future details will be made available on VFNtv and in the VFN Torch.

More details at VineFellowshipNetwork.org

Original Posting:   July 22, 1011      Need We Say More? (Word) Click to Enlarge.

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