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The Role of the Holy Spirit


LISTEN NOW! This list is in no way all His role, but a list of enough of His role for us to realize God will build His church, we just need to obey.

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While in an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ we can count on the Holy Spirit to be all we’ll need to BE THE CHURCH:

1. The Holy Spirit is our counselor, John 14:26.
2. The Holy Spirit teachings us ALL THINGS, John 14:26.
3. The Holy Spirit will teach us what to say at the very time we’ll need to say a certain thing, Luke 12:12; Mark 13:11.
4. The Holy Spirit reminds us of everything Jesus said, John 14:26.
5. The Holy Spirit enables us to hear the voice of God, Mat 3:16-4:1.
6. The Holy Spirit leads us, Mat. 4:1.
7. The Holy Spirit gives us power to deal with demonic oppressions, Mat. 12:28.
8. The Holy Spirit will control us if we allow Him to lead us, Rom 8:9,14.
9. The Holy Spirit knows what God is thinking, I Cor. 2:11.
10. The Holy Spirit can be grieved by our actions and words towards others, Eph. 4:29-30.
11. The Holy Spirit leads us in worship, Phil 3:3.
12. The Holy Spirit enables us to discern the right and wrong spirits, even those who are or are not believers, I John 4:2.
13. The Holy Spirit convicts people of sin, John 17:7-11; I Thes. 1:4-5.
14. The Holy Spirit convicts people of righteousness, John 17:7-11.
15. The Holy Spirit convicts people of judgment, John 17:7-11.
16. The Holy Spirit can pray what we need or needs to be prayed at the time since He knows the thoughts and heart of God, Jude 1:20.
17. They Holy Spirit leads prophesy, II Pet. 1:21.
18. The Holy Spirit gives the power to preach, I Pet. 1:12.
19. The Holy Spirit testifies to us the things of God, Heb. 10:15.
20. The Holy Spirit’s gifts are distributed by God’s will, Heb. 2:4.
21. The Holy Spirit washed us and will wash others for rebirth and renewal when God saved us or when He saves others, Titus 3:5.
22. The Holy Spirit guards God in us, II Tim. 1:14.
23. The Holy Spirit is in believers, Luke 17:20-21; I Cor. 6:19.
24. The Holy Spirit produces Righteousness, Peace and Joy in our life’s, Rom. 14:17.
25. The Holy Spirit works with our conscience to guide us through promptings, confirmations and directions, Rom. 9:1.
26. The Holy Spirit is the conduit for God’s love for us and to us, Rom. 5:5.
27. The Holy Spirit has been given to us as a gift from God, Rom. 5:5; Luke 11:13; Acts 2:23.
28. The Holy Spirit will identify and make individuals overseers and shepherds, it is only our responsibility to discern and recognize what He has already done, Acts 20:28.
29. The Holy Spirit will warn us of possible danger, Acts 20:23.
30. The Holy Spirit may come upon someone when we lay our hands on them and they may speak in other languages/tongues and prophesy, Acts 19:2,6.
31. The Holy Spirit will prevent us from going places or doing certain things (if we discern His promptings), Acts 16:6.
32. The Holy Spirit will give peace and confirmations when it comes to knowing what instructions and directions to give to the church, or a believer even if it’s a new event/happening that has never occurred in the church, Acts 15:28.
33. When the Holy Spirit is in someone’s life and heart it shows us that God has accepted them, Acts 15:8.
34. The Holy Spirit will tell you who to set apart for a certain work when taking the attitude of worship and seeking God’s direction through fasting and prayer, Acts 13:2-4.
35. The Holy Spirit may even choose to fill believing individuals while we are speaking, teaching, signing or sharing God’s word, Acts 11:15-16.
36. The Holy Spirit empowers us to go around doing good and healing all that is oppressed by the devil, Acts 10:37-38.
37. The Holy Spirit will strengthen, encourage and give peace to a church body of believers, Acts 9:31.
38. The Holy Spirit can be resisted. He moves by permission, or by the persons desire to have him move in their life or situation, Acts 7:51.
39. When a person is filled (or baptized) with the Holy Spirit they may begin to speak in other languages/tongues if/as the Holy Spirit enable them and they don’t resist Him, Acts 2:4; Acts 7:51.
40. The Holy Spirit gives us power to witness, i.e. share about Christ Jesus and what He’s done and is doing in our lives, Acts 1:7-8.
41. The Holy Spirit was imparted once on record though breath, by Jesus, John 20:22.
42. Speaking against the Holy Spirit or His works can have eternal fatal consequences, Mark 3:28.
43. When someone is baptized they are to be baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son and the Holy Spirit, Mat. 28:19.


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