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Loving God, Loving Others and Leading Others to do the Same

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Home » The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Church

The Role of the Holy Spirit in the Church

The Holy Spirit: The Indomitable Guide of the Church



“The Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”  John 14:26 (NIV)  Jesus

The Counselor Among Us

Within the realms of our spiritual journey, the Holy Spirit serves as our counselor, providing guidance and insight as denoted in John 14:26.

A Boundless Teacher

The Holy Spirit takes on the role of an educator, teaching us not just selective truths but all things, making the wisdom of God accessible to us (John 14:26).

A Reminder of Christ’s Words

Beyond teaching, the Spirit is a gentle reminder, constantly bringing to mind the teachings of Jesus, ensuring we don’t drift away from them (John 14:26).

The Spirit’s Voice: Power and Clarity

Whether we’re confronting oppressions or sharing the Gospel, the Holy Spirit equips us with the right words, discernment, and strength, allowing us to speak with authority and love (Luke 12:12; Mark 13:11; Matthew 12:28).

“You can lose your mind trying to explain the Trinity,
but if you deny the Trinity, you can lose your salvation.”
Mike Bickle, International House of Prayer, Kansas City, MO

Guided in Righteousness, Peace, and Joy

In our pursuit of righteousness, peace, and joy, the Holy Spirit is our ever-present help, steering our hearts towards divine truths (Romans 14:17).

A Direct Link to God’s Heart

Deep spiritual truths, discernment between right and wrong spirits, and understanding God’s will – these are all made known to us by the Holy Spirit, who knows the very thoughts of God (I Corinthians 2:11; I John 4:2).

Encountering the Spirit in Worship

Our worship finds new depths under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, allowing us to connect more profoundly with God (Philippians 3:3).

Empowerment for Service

From appointing overseers in the church to enabling miraculous gifts like speaking in tongues and prophecy, the Holy Spirit takes the lead, ensuring the church is equipped for every good work (Acts 20:28; Acts 19:2,6).

A Beacon in Times of Danger

Alerting us to dangers, confirming directions, or even preventing certain actions – the Holy Spirit’s role is protective, ensuring we walk in God’s perfect will (Acts 20:23; Acts 16:6).

A Testament to God’s Acceptance

When the Holy Spirit indwells someone, it’s a divine testament that God has accepted them, bridging the gap between divinity and humanity (Acts 15:8).

A Call to Caution: Holy Spirit is “Holy,” it’s Vital He is Honored

While the Holy Spirit offers guidance and power, it’s essential to recognize our role in this relationship. The Spirit can be resisted, and speaking against His works can lead to severe consequences (Acts 7:51; Mark 3:28).

Immersed in the Trinity

The Holy Spirit is not a standalone entity. He is part of the divine Trinity, and believers are baptized in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, signaling a holistic immersion in God’s essence (Matthew 28:19).

 Courtesy of Willyam Bradberry/


While in an abiding relationship with Jesus Christ we can count on the Holy Spirit to be all we’ll need to BE THE CHURCH:

Jesus told us

“The Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in My name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”  John 14:26 (NIV)

1. The Holy Spirit is our counselor, John 14:26.
2. The Holy Spirit teachings us ALL THINGS, John 14:26.
3. The Holy Spirit will teach us what to say at the very time we’ll need to say a certain thing, Luke 12:12; Mark 13:11.
4. The Holy Spirit reminds us of everything Jesus said, John 14:26.
5. The Holy Spirit enables us to hear the voice of God, Matthew 3:16-4:1.
6. The Holy Spirit leads us, Matthew  4:1.
7. The Holy Spirit gives us power to deal with demonic oppressions, Matthew 12:28.
8. The Holy Spirit will control us if we allow Him to lead us, Romans 8:9,14.
9. The Holy Spirit knows what God is thinking, I Corinthians 2:11.
10. The Holy Spirit can be grieved by our actions and words towards others, Ephesians 4:29-30.
11. The Holy Spirit leads us in worship, Philippians 3:3.
12. The Holy Spirit enables us to discern the right and wrong spirits, even those who are or are not believers, I John 4:2.
13. The Holy Spirit convicts’ people of sin, John 17:7-11; I Thessalonians 1:4-5.
14. The Holy Spirit convicts’ people of righteousness, John 17:7-11.
15. The Holy Spirit convicts’ people of judgment, John 17:7-11.
16. The Holy Spirit can pray what we need or needs to be prayed at the time since He knows the thoughts and heart of God, Jude 1:20.
17. They Holy Spirit leads prophesy, II Peter 1:21.
18. The Holy Spirit gives the power to preach, I Peter 1:12.
19. The Holy Spirit testifies to us the things of God, Hebrews 10:15.
20. The Holy Spirit’s gifts are distributed by God’s will, Hebrews 2:4.
21. The Holy Spirit washed us and will wash others for rebirth and renewal when God saved us or when He saves others, Titus 3:5.
22. The Holy Spirit guards God in us, II Timothy 1:14.
23. The Holy Spirit is in believers, Luke 17:20-21; I Corinthians 6:19.
24. The Holy Spirit produces Righteousness, Peace and Joy in our life’s, Romans 14:17.
25. The Holy Spirit works with our conscience to guide us through promptings, confirmations and directions, Romans 9:1.
26. The Holy Spirit is the conduit for God’s love for us and to us, Romans 5:5.
27. The Holy Spirit has been given to us as a gift from God, Romans 5:5; Luke 11:13; Acts 2:23.
28. The Holy Spirit will identify and make individuals overseers and shepherds, it is only our responsibility to discern and recognize what He has already done, Acts 20:28.
29. The Holy Spirit will warn us of possible danger, Acts 20:23.
30. The Holy Spirit may come upon someone when we lay our hands on them and they may speak in other languages/tongues and prophesy, Acts 19:2,6.
31. The Holy Spirit will prevent us from going places or doing certain things (if we discern His promptings), Acts 16:6.
32. The Holy Spirit will give peace and confirmations when it comes to knowing what instructions and directions to give to the church, or a believer even if it’s a new event/happening that has never occurred in the church, Acts 15:28.
33. When the Holy Spirit is in someone’s life and heart it shows us that God has accepted them, Acts 15:8.
34. The Holy Spirit will tell you who to set apart for a certain work when taking the attitude of worship and seeking God’s direction through fasting and prayer, Acts 13:2-4.
35. The Holy Spirit may even choose to fill believing individuals while we are speaking, teaching, signing, or sharing God’s word, Acts 11:15-16.
36. The Holy Spirit empowers us to go around doing good and healing all that is oppressed by the devil, Acts 10:37-38.
37. The Holy Spirit will strengthen, encourage, and give peace to a church body of believers, Acts 9:31.
38. The Holy Spirit can be resisted. He moves by permission, or by the persons desire to have him move in their life or situation, Acts 7:51.
39. When a person is filled (or baptized) with the Holy Spirit they may begin to speak in other languages/tongues if/as the Holy Spirit enable them and they don’t resist Him, Acts 2:4; Acts 7:51.
40. The Holy Spirit gives us power to witness, i.e., share about Christ Jesus and what He’s done and is doing in our lives, Acts 1:7-8.
41. The Holy Spirit was imparted once on record though breath, by Jesus, John 20:22.
42. Speaking against the Holy Spirit or His works can have eternal fatal consequences, Mark 3:28.
43. When someone is baptized, they are to be baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son and the Holy Spirit, Matthew 28:19.


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