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Buying the Image of Hard Work – $400+ for Old looking Jeans


LISTEN NOW!   We have come so far from the reality of hard work it took to build America and the hard work it will take to keep America. We have to reach back into old mines from our past to find the denim jeans that those who worked to build our country wore.  Instead of putting our own jeans on and working hard we’re basically buying the image of hard work, our forefather’s hard work and wearing it as if it is our own.  We’re even willing to pay $400 for a worn out pair of jeans.  Watch the CBS News Segment and Listen to the VFNRadio Segment 

Greg and Pat talk about how businesses are paying $100,000 of dollars to people who’ll go back and find old jean clothing that was worn by those who worked hard in America years ago so they can take a new pair of jeans and make it look like it is worn by someone who worked hard by cutting them, beating them, and scratching them.  Did anyone ever think about wearing them and then working hard?  

Blue Jeans: The fabric of freedom
Serena Altschul explores the history of denim, from America’s mines to the designer jean stores of today.

CBS News Blue Jeans:  The Fabric of Freedom

Courtesy of SebastianKnight/Shutterstock.com


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Cone Denim’s White Oak Mill
Imogene + Willie
Emmaus Road Discipleship
VFN Kingdom Business
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