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Christianity vs. Islam; Bible vs. Koran


LISTEN NOW! In this direct comparison between Christianity and Islam Greg helps us see how the Bible and the Koran are direct opposites and how they are in direct conflict with each other.  The Christian’s Bible says live at peace with your neighbors but the Islam book, the Koran says that the non-muslin must convert, be enslaved or be beheaded.  That is a big difference.  Where Christianity can live among the many world’s religions, Islam is a threat to anyone of any faith other than Islam.  God’s people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge.  The Church needs to rise us, humble ourselves, turn from our wicked ways, pray again and learn the ways of God and walk in them before it’s too late for America.  After listening to this VFNRadio highlight, also watch the very interesting and helpful video below also.


Watch the video where you can visually see the Bible verses in the Bible compared right next to the Koran’s prophet book. This video will enlighten you on how the three faiths Jewish, Christianity and Islam came to pass and how all three declare their relationship with Abraham.



Read Booklet Answering this Question, “Is Islam a region of peace or war?


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